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Welcome to the 8th edition of Novy News!

As most of you get ready to go on vacation and/or spend the holiday season with family and friends, the Novy team is happy to send you this year-end gift.

This will be our last enormous newsletter "tome," so enjoy it while you can! We'll be sending our newsletter out more often from now on. This is one of our New Year's resolutions, and we plan to stick to it :)

As always, the purpose of Novy News is to:
  • provide some background on who we are and what we do 
  • brag about our clients 
  • share a few game industry secrets
  • share some brutally honest advice
  • update you on what's been going on during the past few months
  • give you a preview of what's on the horizon
This issue features updates on Novy team members, clients and projects!

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Hope you enjoy the news . . . and the holiday season! See you on the other side :)

- Jeannie Novak & Luis Levy (Co-Conspirators)
. . . and the Novy team
New Services
New & Expanded Services
Novy continues to expand! We've also made some changes to our website -- including our blog, client portfolio, team page, and home page. Check them out!

New, expanded and upcoming services include additional asset types for social media; a streaming/podcast initiative for community management; and creative services/public relations services such as custom online press kits.

We have four distinct service divisions: PR, Marketing, Creative Services, and Consulting/Production. To learn more about what we do, feel free to request a meeting or fill out our contact form.
Novy Team
Team Updates
Several team members have been promoted to full-time positions:

Julie Morley and Aaron Goldman have been promoted to Account Manager positions. Julie is handling Marketing & Creative, while Aaron is managing Consulting & Quality Assurance. Our new managers join Blane Humphries (Account Manager - Public Relations) as the "management triumvirate."

Alvin Arquisola  is now Public Relations Coordinator! Prior to working with Novy, Alvin was an account coordinator — garnering placements/coverage in outlets such as Rolling Stone Magazine, LA Times, LA Weekly, and NBC 4. He successfully pitched Sotheby’s use of the Oculus Rift to aid in the sales process of luxury real estate — and he also conducted the American Cancer Society’s CPS-3 social media campaign. Alvin spends his time experiencing how competitive gaming can be by trying to climb to the top of the leaderboards in League of Legends, Vain Glory, and Overwatch. When Alvin’s not gaming and writing press releases, he frequents EDM festivals in the U.S. and Europe. 

Summer Nguyen is now Marketing Coordinator! Summer has been obsessed with video games since she was 7 years old. She's a huge Call of Duty fan and currently plays Overwatch more than she'd like to admit. Summer has worked as a digital marketing coordinator for a variety of companies such as When she's not dreaming up social media campaigns, she runs a personal blog (TOKYOBAT), where she covers indie game and beauty product reviews. 

We'd like to give a "shout out" to team members Marcos Montanez (Playthrough Coordinator) and Kyle Gaddo (Community Management Coordinator) -- who are working with Blane on our upcoming streaming initiative -- along with Erich Schuler (Social Media Coordinator), Brie Wendt (Research Coordinator), and Sarah Hume. Each of them plays a significant part making Novy run smoothly!

We'd also like to acknowledge Friends of Novy Emmy Jonassen, Pete Markiewicz, Jay Egger, Stephen Vulpitta, Alan Katana, Adam Godoi, Charlie Skinner, M. Joshua Cauller, Aaron "Heatbox" Heaton -- and our newest friends Rob LeFebvre, Evan Killham, Jennifer Allen, Nina Klymenko, George Menjin, and David Ladyman.

For more info on our team, see the 
Meet the Team section on our site!
New Arrivals
New Arrivals
We've recently welcomed some brand new additions to our growing team:

Jonathan White's love of computers and games have led him to careers in IT and game journalism/blogging, respectively. After running GamingOgre, Jonathan wrote for outlets such as College News Magazine and KnowTechie. He also earned a Bulldog Social Media award for his work with the Kmart Gaming team. Jonathan has been assisting the core playthrough team as needed. 

Taylor Campolattaro has a passion for B-list movies, art and music — and she enjoys promoting online talent as a freelance social media manager. When she's not working, Taylor can be found watching competitive League of Legends, viewing poorly-filmed shark movies, or eating pizza. Taylor is a core member of our playthrough team; she's also embedded in the eSports industry and has been working with Alvin on our internal eSports initiative!

Arthur Zdrinc is a freelance artist, actor, poet, and musician who plays drums in Chicago’s prog rock/instrumental post-metal band, Sioum. He composed the music for indie sandbox style RPG Towers of Ajura with Sioum.  He has also studied art, acting and music. Arthur has been working with us on creating social media assets and original music for upcoming Novy projects.

Tabi Kenny has worked as a counselor and instructor for elementary and middle school school kids — focusing on a variety of topics such as anger management, bullying, tolerance, ELA, and math. She has been working with Novy on data collection/analysis and editing. We're also excited to announce that Tabi recently got married! 

Elizabeth Wood also works as a senior web support analyst at Toronto-based investor relations solutions start-up, Q4 Inc. Passionate about design, innovation, and social media, Liz has a keen sense of creativity and a deep understanding of Web 2.0. In her spare time, she keeps busy playing a variety of sports (hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball!) and going to concerts. Liz has been working with Novy on site updates and our new online press kit initiative.

Brad Crespo has utilized his skills in marketing, communications, and public relations for for-profit and nonprofit organizations such as Sodexo and Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake. He also works at an elementary charter school as an operations manager with the responsibility of handling social media, marketing, recruitment, and daily operations -- and he's a marketing and public relations rep for Dream Act Oklahoma – Tulsa. Brad has been working with Novy on social media and blog posts.

Brandy Berthelson (formerly “Shaul”) has been writing about games since 2006, but she's been a gamer for much longer. Her work has been featured on multiple outlets, including AOL's, Digital Spy, SocialTimes. In addition to playing games, she enjoys taking pictures, crafting, baking, attending church — and traveling to amusement parks, zoos and aquariums. Brandy has been working with Novy on documentation and social media and blog post editing.

Vanessa Marie has been in the industry for 10+ years in pro gaming, journalism, community management, and public relations. She has worked on behalf of Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Entertainment in social media and community management . (At Ubisoft, she was also a Frag Doll Cadette!) Vanessa participated as a mentor for Game Mentor Online, is an active member of Women in Games International, serves as a panelist for the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers, and participates in the Austin Chapter for Extra Life. Vanessa is currently working with Novy on various marketing activities -- including social media and community management.
Veewo Games
Innovation in the East
If we asked you to name a country that holds innovation in high esteem, China might not be the first one to come to mind. However, the Novy team has had the illuminating experience of working with truly innovative, creative, and even groundbreaking titles coming out of the indie dev scene in China.

Here are just a few:

Super Phantom Cat is considered to be one of the very best platformers to come along in quite a while -- rivaling beloved classics. Veewo Games prides itself on its polished, pristine art style and smooth, sharp mechanics. Super Phantom Cat has earned a number of accolades -- including several features in the US App Store and "Best of 2016" in Mainland China. (The game was also featured as a "Best of 2016" title on Google Play in Taiwan, France, and Malaysia.) Also on Google Play, the game is compatible with Android TV -- and the studio was interviewed by Google for an Android Developer Feature. We continue to enjoy providing ongoing PR and social media support for Veewo. There's a lot more in store in 2017, with the upcoming launch of the long-awaited Super Phantom Cat 2. [read more]

Isoland: Before we even had a chance to play this atmospheric point-and-click puzzle adventure by RedFish Game Studio, we were already captivated by the trailer — which shows off the game’s unique art style and eerie mood. Here’s the setup: You’re a researcher who has received a letter from a friend asking for your help with an investigation on a remote island. Being the good friend that you are, you travel to this strange place — hoping to uncover its mysteries. However, soon after you arrive, you realize that you and everyone else on the island are trapped! [read more]

Flying SlimeCan you help Slimie save the forest from humans and their horrifying Harvester? We were impressed with Firefish Entertainment, which was inspired to create Flying Slime in response to environmental concerns. Play as an adorable creature made of slime who swings to defend its home. The greedy deforesting humans are trying to destroy everything, and it’s up to you to save the day. [read more]

Summoner's FantasyDo you have what it takes to rise to the top in Summoner's Fantasy, the tactical trading card game from China's Darknights and Ice Simba? Challenge real opponents to duels with your collection of monsters and deities -- all in a bid to control the most spaces on the battle grid. Summoner's Fantasy features a four-way battle system and four distinct game modes. You’ll win by converting your enemies’ cards to your own with power, strength and strategy! [read more]

Office Freakout
Anger Management
Imagine getting unfairly fired from a job after decades of faithful service. The bigwigs up in corporate gave you no notice and just fired you right on the spot. What do you do? In Hollow Robot’s Office Freakout, play as disgruntled office worker Philbert and unleash a tornado of destruction — fighting your way through more than two dozen cubicles, offices, server rooms on your path to the boss’ office (including robot security guards) in order to build your rage meter. The more objects you obliterate, the more you’ll increase your rank and unlock more tools of destruction -- such as the Grabbity Gun that lets you fling anything in sight! ... [read more]
Tom vs. The Armies of Hell

Give Up Your Day Job
Do demons make good managers? With Darkmire Entertainment’s Tom vs. The Armies of Hell, the title says it all! As a low-level software engineer accidentally pulled into a portal to hell, Tom did what any corporate citizen might do: He cowered in the men’s restroom until he was turned into a demon hybrid. Duh. Trapped down below for all eternity, Tom decides to step up his game and face off against the countless hordes of Hell in hopes of eventual escape. It won’t be easy --but if there’s one thing Tom is good at, it’s repetitive tasks with very little hope of reward.... [read more]

Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket
Dodge Death & Debt!
Struggling with underemployment in an uncertain world? Feeling stressed out about money and the ever-present threat of eviction? If the real world isn't stressful enough, now's your chance to enter a cubist nightmare "millennial sim" with Crap, I’m Broke: Out of Pocket from Molly Heady-Carroll and Erik van Wees -- the Dutch dynamic duo of Arcane Circus!... (read more)
The Spatials: Galactology
Boldly Go
We were thrilled to work with Weird & Wry again this year after helping these Spanish siblings launch beloved space sim The Spatials. Sequel The Spatials: Galactology is an even deeper experience -- with mod support, active pause mechanics, and planetloads of new items and structures to build.... (read more)
Mixing It Up
Pour, shake and stir (literally) your way to the top in Killer Mobile‘s BarSim -- the hip mobile bartending sim that puts you mixology skills to the test. You'll even get to learn real drink recipes and bartending techniques in the process. Starting out as busser in a dive bar, you'll work your way up to become a bartender guru at a posh nightclub.... (read more)
Megalo Polis
The Silly Season
The election may be in the rear-view mirror -- but it lives on in Megalo Polis. Playing as one of the game’s presidential candidates, your must jump head first into the campaign trail and persuade one district at a time in this political strategy sim from French developer Black Sheep Studio.... (read more)
A New Life
The Road Less Traveled
Have you ever thought about exploring what your life might be like if you made different choices along the way? A New Life from Serbian developer Bigosaur lets you explore exactly that: a life full of options and outcomes. You can be rich, poor, gay, straight, young, old, creative, analytical, shy, or outgoing. The choice is yours -- and it borders on limitless.... (read more)
Atomic Space Command
Space Supremacy
Combat, strategy, and space sim rolled into one? No, You Shut Up! Games' multi-crew co-op/competitive spaceship-themed game, Atomic Space Command, mashes up combat with strategy and simulation -- producing a perfect blend of awesomeness... (read more)
BadLand Games
Where Stars are Born
Novy has been working with publisher BadLand Games on an ongoing basis this year -- beginning with the console/Steam launch of Anima: Gate of Memories. The publisher has released a number of compelling and creative titles on desktop, handheld, and console. Here's just a sampling of the some BadLand titles we've promoted:

Anima: Gate of Memories
Novy was enchanted by the stunning visuals and engaging mechanics of Anima: Gate of Memories -- a beautiful game that has been greeted warmly by the press and consumers alike. Developed by Anima Project, Anima: Gate of Memories is a third-person action RPG focused on combat and exploration..... [read more]

What do you get when you bring together 75 weapons, 68 robotic body parts, six playable characters, and the chance of love in a cold, mechanical world? You get Heart&Slash, a fast-paced 3D rogue-like brawler set in a dystopian, robotic world -- that's what! Developed by aheartfulofgames, Heart&slash leverages teleportation, time stoppages, jetpacks, wall-jumps, and much more to provide an exciting thrill ride of a game -- complete with the raddest soundtrack this side of the information superhighway.... [read more]

Are you ready to lay down enough 8-bit fire to bring peace to the world and end all wars? 8DAYS is a frantic, top-down retro-tastic dual-stick shooter that lets you unravel closely guarded secrets while keeping the peace throughout five intense chapters — on your own or with the help of a friend in local co-op. Developed by Santa Clara Games, 8DAYS was inspired by games such as Hotline Miami and Retro City Rampage.... [read more]

In Dex, a side-scrolling RPG from Czech developer Dreadlocks, players are taken to the futuristic city of Harbor Prime -- where they’ll help a young girl, Dex, on her quest for “the Singularity” ... when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence.... [read more]

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today
Developed by Fictiorama Studios, the unsettling point-and-click adventure Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today follows a man named Michael -- who must recover his identity and discover the cause of a string of natural disasters.... [read more]

Argus, a thirtysomething wizard, is tired of young, angsty, self-centered teens who want to try to “save the world" -- but in order to settle down into a boring, predictable life of retirement, he’s going to have to show them who’s boss. Developed by Infinigon, Zenith is an action RPG that combines the feel of old-school RPGs with a splash of humor and parody.... [read more]

Ginger: Beyond the Crystal
Remember the good old days of punching, double-jumping, bouncing, and exploring your way through vibrant levels while collecting crystals and defeating enemies on a quest to restore peace? Ginger: Beyond the Crystal, developed by Drakhar Studio, will remind you of the legendary 3D platformers you played as a kid.... [read more]

Ever had an urge to help construct the eighth wonder of the world? That’s the thinking behind Castles -- a charming Match-three puzzle game developed by WhootGames and published by BadLand Games. King Harold has tasked you with the role of bringing glory to his kingdom by building the tallest tower anyone has ever seen.... [read more]

Several BadLand Games titles were recently pre-announced for 2017 -- including Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Fictiorama Studios), Vostok Inc. (Nosebleed Interactive), and BOOR (Dazlog Studio). BadLand Games is headquartered in Spain with offices in the United Kingdom.
Totem Forge
Beat Golems into Submission!
Novy enjoyed working with Russian developer Alexander Samarin of Exaltrix, who has a knack for creating compelling, deceptively simple gameplay. In addition to helping Alexander polish Totem Forge — an atmospheric puzzle game with high-end music and art — we were also fortunate to work directly on the sounds of in-game golems and totems (featuring the voice of beatbox vocalist and game developer Heatbox) and create a few trailers (with the help of Novy friend M. Joshua Cauller). In Totem Forge, players combine gems while preventing the game board from filling up completely. To add even more difficulty, golems will interfere with your matches -- and gold pieces will block your way. But sneaky rock beasts and ancient nuggets are no match for a good fireball... (read more)
Tower Rumble
It's Good to Be King!
Fancy controlling a powerful wizard keen on facing heavily armed enemies while an ancient evil lurks in the shadows? This is the premise behind Tower Rumble -- a mobile puzzle game with MOBA, tower defense, and Match-3 elements. Developed by Neo-Realms Entertainment, Tower Rumble lets you customize your army from the ground up in solo Arcade and Campaign modes — or face off in a wizard’s duel with a friend in the local PvP mode. The land of Artyficia was once guarded by the Wizard King, but due to the Great Calamity, he was forced to the Dream Realm. Stewards acting as false kings have decided to build towers in their honor and mounting attacks on their rivals. Will they be able to set aside their pride and join forces to defeat a common enemy? ... (read more)
Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art
The Perfect Fit!
The arresting visual style of Mandie Manzano’s work caught our attention long before we partnered with Octo Mini to launch Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art. Featuring 40 striking Mandie Manzano paintings lovingly converted into Ultra HD puzzles ranging from 12 to 2,000 pieces, Mandie Manzano Jigsaw Puzzle Art expertly delivers a streamlined, high-end jigsaw puzzle challenge for players of all ages.... 
(read more)
The Hunt for Red Panda
The Hunt for Red Panda
From Ukrainian studio Zagrava Games comes The Hunt for Red Panda -- a hidden object puzzle game that will test your art detective skills. Your job is to restore beautiful real-life paintings that have been defaced by the infamous Red Panda -- prepping them for repair (using a knife, sewing needle, paintbrush, and eraser to fix the blemishes) --and investigate clues, visit famous museums, and play fun mini-games along the way.... (read more)
Puzzle Monster Quest
Skirmish Lines
Your village has come under attack by a monster invasion in Puzzle Monster Quest -- an addictive new mobile game from Kick9. You’ll dive into a tile-matching adventure that leads you through treacherous dungeons filled with monsters who want to end your quest. You're in a bid to save the world, one monster match at a time.... (read more)
Primal Legends
Primed for Combat
Developed by French studio Kobojo, Primal Legends blends classic Match-3 mechanics, deck building, and turn-based strategy combat elements -- allowing players to battle their way across 150 levels and 8 game modes; discover more than 50 heroes; and fight online opponents through real-time PvP combat..... (read more)
LEVEL-5 abby
Scoping the Future
Japanese game developer and publisher LEVEL-5 is responsible for several well-known game and mixed-media franchises -- including YO-KAI WATCH
, Professor Layton, and Inazuma Eleven. We've had the pleasure of working directly with LEVEL-5's Santa Monica-based spinoff company LEVEL-5 abby on a wide variety of projects.

In addition to launching YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble earlier this year, Novy provided press bookings, onsite media relations, and booth demo and promo staffing during GDC. Post-launch, we provided additional PR support for a number of game updates -- including new characters, features, holiday content, and in-game events. [read more]

In addition to supporting YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble, we had the opportunity to promote YO-KAI WATCH: The Movie -- along with the LEVEL-5 "Vision 2016" press conference announcements for upcoming releases 
Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone's ConsipracyInazuma Eleven AresThe Snack World and Megaton Musashi, among others. [read more]
Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small
Farm & Fortune
Novy had the opportunity to work with German development studio, DIGIDICED, on several digital adaptations of Uwe Rosenberg-designed board games this year. After providing press outreach for the launch of Le Havre: The Inland Port in 2015 and Patchwork in early 2016, we worked with DIGIDICED on the studio's social media initiatives and helped launch its newest and highly-anticipated title, Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small. We also worked on trailers (with the help of friend of Novy M. Joshua Cauller) and announced Steam Greenlight campaigns for all three titles. We're happy to say that each of DIGIDICED's games has been Greenlit by the Steam Community!
XPO Game Festival
GaymerX Conference (GX4)
We had the unique opportunity of working on two great events that took place fairly close to each other: the GaymerX (GX4) Conference, and the XPO Game Festival. In addition to promoting each event separately, we were able to put out joint press releases at the permission of the organizers (MidBoss and VisitTulsa, respectively) focusing on some common threads shared by both events: diversity and inclusion!

We were thrilled to work with the Tulsa Regional Chamber (VisitTulsa) on the inaugural XPO Game Festival. As the first festival of its kind in America's Heartland, XPO brings an exciting, fun blend of activities for gamers, developers, industry leaders, and game personalities. A number of festivities are included: tabletop gaming area, retro gaming lounge, laser tag arena, and many pre-festival events to keep everyone engaged and happy. There are also countless afterparties -- along with music from “chip hop” artist Mega Ran, old-school Nintendo rockers Bit Brigade, and YouTube sensation Brentalfloss.... [read more]

We were fortunate to work on MidBoss' fourth annual GaymerX Conference -- the most welcoming weekend in gaming -- featuring a wealth of speakers, special events, and (of course!) games. Speakers such as Mark Barlet (AbleGamers) and Tim Cain (Obsidian) take on issues like game accessibility and the evolution of the game industry. Exhibitors have included Blizzard, Oculus, Microsoft, Harmonix, Atari, and Funomena -- and attendees are able to connect with organizations such as Extra Life, Women in Games International, Lesbians Who Tech, and the International Game Developers Association.... [read more]
Survival isn’t always of the fittest. Sometimes, even the most unlikely of individuals can become the strongest survivors. In the intense VR sci-fi action wave defender, BladeShield — developed by Rank17 — take on the role of a lone security officer aboard the transport vessel Titan-X, and stop a rogue A.I. from causing complete havoc! Become the greatest dual-wielding savior.... (read more)
Robots in the Wild
Domo Arigato
The charm of this quirky 2D game immediately caught our attention! Developed by multi-talented beatbox artist, Heatbox (under his studio, Heatbox Games), unique puzzle-based tower defense game Robots In The Wild lets players build a "robofortress" by rotating and strategically placing falling blocks using a Tetris-style ecosystem. Blocks can be connected in different formations to build robots such as: PewPewBot, BlasterBot... (read more)
Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo
One Hit & That's It!
Novy got a chance to work with Chris Molini at Mind's Eye Games a second time for the Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo Early Access and Xbox One (Game Preview) campaigns! The game is an action-packed arcade, beat 'em up bonanza where players pulverize waves and waves of enemies in a dangerous arena. See if you’re the ultimate brawl master against friends in Versus... (read more)
Identity Crisis
From the creative mind of solo Australian developer Dave Bleja comes Spryke -- a challenging platformer that features an adorable cyberfish. Spryke is a hybrid of two species -- one from under the surface of the deep seas of the planet Kespuron, and the other from the cities far above the water. You'll need quick reactions to help the fish-like Spryke find her way through the waterless chambers above the surface in search of truth and validation. Sprint, glide, and fly through the dry, dangerous world above the safe waters of Spryke's home... (read more)
Adaeus: Rogue Planet
Tread Carefully
In Adaeus: Rogue Planet -- a 2D sci-fi Metroidvania roguelike platformer developed by OMGWTF Games -- you’ll have to hack, slash, and shoot your way to survive on a deadly planet. Use Nanites and Credits to modify your suit and upgrade your equipment to increase your chances against brutal enemies and end-level bosses. (read more)
Archmage Rises
Choose Your Destiny
Archmage Rises puts you in the role of a disgraced mage, unfairly expelled from the Magic Conclave and left to your own devices in a harsh fantasy world. What you do with that is entirely up to you. Will you take out your anger on the world around you? Or will you work toward the betterment of others? In this tabletop-inspired open-world RPG created by solo Canadian developer Thomas Henshell (Defiance Game Studio), you'll make decisions that will affect everything... (read more)
Novy Team (E3)
Event Reports
Since the last installment of Novy News, several Novy team members managed to attend a variety of conferences -- and they've blogged about their experiences. 

Here are a few highlights:

* Brie chronicled the festivities at GaymerX (GX4).
Brie, Blane, and Erich gave us their impressions of the major E3 press conferences.
* Kyle shared the love at
Fan Fest, TwitchCon, PAX West, and E3.
* Blane gave us the lowdown on
Dragon Con and MomoCon -- and he helped organize the Game Studio Smackdown at SIEGE 
* Both Kyle and Blane got to meet for the first time at
XPO, where they helped out at the festival and roamed the backstreets of Tulsa.

In food news, Jeannie and Luis arranged surprise birthday dinners for Kyle (post-E3) and a double-birthday dinner for Aaron and Taylor (with other invited guests Alvin and Marcos) after a busy day at Unite Los Angeles. 

Finally, in unrelated blog news, a quote from Novy co-founder Jeannie Novak's blog post on connecting with your player base was quoted in Chris Morrison's Chartboost blog article on viable mobile marketing channels for indie devs.

Check out the Novy blog for more details!
What's Next? We've got some exciting social media and community management campaigns; product launches; corporate announcements; Steam Greenlight and Early Access campaigns; and we'll be rolling out our streaming, online press kit, and eSports initiatives.

Stay tuned for more juicy news from Novy in 2017!
Novy Unlimited, Inc. and its divisions (including Novy PR) is a product of Jeannie NOvak and Luis LeVY, its co-conspirators. Launched in 2011, Novy is the first marketing and public relations firm to focus on indie games. Thanks for reading :) 
Oh -- and in case you missed it: Our Spring 2016 issue is available for your perusal. Games featured: The Wild Eight, Super Phantom Cat, YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble, Clumzee, Wizards & Wagons, Sherlock Holmes: Lost Detective, Kash Karnival, Le Havre: The Inland Port, Patchwork, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, Sprinter, The Sentient, Zombie Hunter, Inc., Zems, StarBreak, Fire Fu, Super Arc Light, Gogglebox: The Game, Apestorm: Full Bananas, Who Lurks, Tribe Domination, DDTank, Orbit's Odyssey, Bebop Puzzle Beat, Dungenious, and Piiig Forest Explorer.
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