Novy News | DIY Developer | Reach for the Stars | Feb. 19, 2021
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"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet."
– Stephen Hawking


In this issue, we're looking up at the stars indeed! It's fitting that we pre-announced a promising space game this week, while NASA/JPL's Perseverance rover landed on Mars this week – carrying the mini-helicopter and experimental aircraft Ingenuity.
Star Stuff

Star Stuff
The newest space game promoted by Novy, Relic Space is the product of Fourfold Games' Jonah Wilberg – a solo developer who also released Xenomarine. Here at Novy, we love all things space and sci-fi. In fact, we couldn't resist including a reference to The Expanse in the Relic Space pitch!

Other space-themed games promoted by Novy in the past include Star Traders: Frontiers and Templar Battleforce (both from Trese Brothers Games), Interstellar Space: Genesis (Praxis Games), Deep Sixed (Little Red Dog Games), The Sentient (Uncaged Studios), Ascent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten Studios), VoidExpanse (AtomicTorch Studio), and Star Trek: Alien Domain (GameSamba).
Relic Space - Logo

The open-world, turn-based RPG Relic Space will be making its debut on Steam Early Access in Q3 2021. If you're a fan of The Expanse like we are, you’re going to get a kick out of the game’s ship-to-ship combat and movement – which rely on actual physics. Developed by Jonah Wilberg of Fourfold Games, Relic Space tells an engrossing post-apocalyptic story through tactical gameplay and a mix of both handcrafted and procedurally-generated missions.

In Relic Space, the galaxy as we know it lies in ruins after a world-ending event known as the Fall. Players take on the role of the legendary Omega – the elite pilot wing of a community of survivors known as the Order. The only way to rebuild civilization is to acquire and research “relics” of the advanced technological past – now scattered among the broken remains of planets and structures that make up the Relic Belts.

Check out the reveal trailer for all the goodies in the current Alpha. The trailer makes expert use of music, captioned narration, and raw gameplay footage.
Although the full game won't be released until Q3 2021, the developer is allowing everyone to get an early look at the game by sharing an Alpha build. The Novy team has already provided some playthroughs and testing – but it's time to get feedback from space game fans far and wide. This virtually full-featured, relatively stable Alpha is available on both Windows and Linux!
Relic Space - Low Angle Combat
During the pre-announcement window, the developer is offering Alpha build access to all who join the Relic Space Discord server. Novy has reached out to press and influencers to participate in the Alpha – including those that specialize in space games. The public is also invited to join and provide feedback. If you're a space game fan, Jonah would love to hear from you!
Relic Space - Ship Loadout
DIY Developer - Logo
Tapping into a current event or an anniversary of a historical event can be helpful for any press announcement. In this case, there's a large chunk of the player market that's aware of this week's NASA success – and consciously or unconsciously, this can help elevate the message we're trying to convey with an announcement focusing on a space game. For some, the idea that we're moving forward (ever so slightly) into an era of space exploration is enough to capture the imagination. Knowing that a game that shares elements of this reality is on the horizon could plant the seed in a prospective player's mind – or even result in wishlisting the game itself.

Last week, we mentioned the power of the pre-announcement – where you tease the press and your target audience with a reveal or teaser trailer, screenshots, and other promotional items. This same technique is being used to raise awareness of Relic Space and hopefully get fans of space games excited to see the result later this year.

Another interesting element of a pre-announcement is to consider providing access to an Alpha, demo or early build of your game to a limited number of press contacts (including game enthusiast press, top-tier outlets, bloggers, and streamers). In the case of Relic Space, an Alpha is being made available exclusively to the game's Discord server – as mentioned above. When that's not available, you can also contact high-value media outlets and ask them if they're interested in seeing an early build. Also, any journalist that gets back to you after receiving a pre-announcement with some positive words should be invited to check out an early build – if you're prepared to ensure that a build is ready to go (or will be ready in the near future) ... and you feel that this particular contact will give you enough of a benefit if they publish a feature or preview.

Our DIY Developer infographic "Guide to Producing a Memorable Game Trailer" was featured in a previous issue. We've got another one in the works – so stay tuned :)

And until next time ... keep on playing!
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