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Omensight Has Arrived!

Well, this is it - the big day! You can now play Omensight on PC and Playstation 4.

It took us almost two years to get to this point and we hope you'll enjoy what we created. We also hope that fans of Stories: The Path of Destinies will like this spiritual follow-up. And most of all, we hope you'll continue supporting us and talking about us in the future!

To celebrate the launch, we have released a new trailer:

Launch Rebates!

For a limited time, you can enjoy discounts on the game at these fine online stores:

  • Steam: From May 15 to 22 , Omensight will be on sale at 10% off.
  • Humble Store: From May 15 to 22, Omensight will be on sale at 10% off.
  • Fanatical: From May 15 to 22, Omensight will be on sale at 10% off.
  • GOG: From May 15 to 22, Omensight will be on sale at 10% off.
  • Playstation Store: From May 15 to 29, the game will be available at 20% off for the European stores.

Thank you for your support during PAX South, PAX East, and the Wishlist Quest. We've met a lot of fantastic people on this crazy journey!

To close out this email, here are some words from our co-founder, Malik Boukhira:

"When Stories: The Path of Destinies was all set and done, we felt that there was much more left to explore with branching narratives and time-loops, that we had only scratched the surface of interactive storytelling in video games. We wanted to do more.

Thus began an arduous, but gratifying, 18-month journey with 15 people, some Spearhead veterans and a lot of new blood. Our goal was to do much better than we did before - creating a deeper combat system, showing the world in a more cinematic way, and raising the stakes for the players. We put our all into Omensight and we hope players will enjoy playing it!"

- Phil from Spearhead Games

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