The December Spearheadlines

Hello fellow Spearheaders,

What do I hear in the distance? Christmas songs? Oh, it must be the most wonderful time of the year already!

Did you get all your gifts yet? I sure haven't...

As we approach the final days of a busy 2018, like many others, I'd like to reflect upon the past 365 days that have gone by so quickly. And since this is the internet, what better than in the form of a list!

Spearhead Games'
Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of 2018!

[Play drum roll]

# 5 (tied): Attending PAX South and PAX East.
# 4: Starting an office Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
# 3: Releasing Stories: The Path of Destinies Remastered.
# 2: Releasing Omensight again and again.

# 1 and Most Memorable Moment of 2018:
Getting our office broken into and having a Nintendo development kit stolen.

Honorable Mention: Starting a Discord server.

The most important part is that you all were along for the ride with us. Thank you!

Nintendo Switch!

Many fans have requested a port of Omensight for the Nintendo Switch back in May. So after months of work, it is now a reality!

You can get Omensight: Definitive Edition here for the low, low price of $19.99/16,79€:

Apologies to our EU fans, as we were not able to offer the 10% discount promised during the pre-purchase period. Nintendo has very strict deadlines around the holidays about submitting discount requests. And we unfortunately missed those deadlines.

To make up for the blunder, we'll be doing another round of 10% discount on the EU and NA eShops from January 21 to 27 (don't worry, this one has already been approved by Nintendo). Also, keep your digital receipt if you bought the game during the pre-purchase period and didn't get the 10% discount, I'll offer something as an apology.

Now that Omensight has been ported, many are asking about Stories: The Path of Destinies. The answer is: we have no plans yet for a Switch release. Don't worry - I'll post any updates in this newsletter.

IndieDB Indie of the Year 2018

Thank you to everyone who voted for Omensight on IndieDB! Somehow we made it to the Top 100!

There's still some time to vote. So if you can spare a few seconds, please make sure to #RockTheVote for Omensight before December 20th!

Project Witchstone? Project Witchstone!

Since every game needs to start with a code name, we gave one our upcoming cRPG. Please give a warm welcome and say hello to Project Witchstone.

"What's a Witchstone?", you may ask. Well... According to Wikipedia, witch stones (or adder stones) "were believed to have magical powers [...]. According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water."
On the isolated island where Project Witchstone takes place, powerful ancient artifacts have been recently uncovered and research on the embedded stones has yielded great advancement in technology, such as for tools, weapons, transportation, etc. However, people are still unaware of their true origin and full potential (and danger). Nonetheless, various factions on the island have been competing for this precious resource.

And more importantly, the power of these stones could shatter the fragile peace and social order of the nations on the mainland. If word got out, it could trigger a full-on invasion of the island from those looking to exploit this newfound power.

How will you deal with this information? What will you do with these ancient magical stones? You will be able to decide in Project Witchstone.

(Disclaimer: Since we are early in the conception phase, details might change during development.)

See you at PAX South!

We're going back to PAX South in San Antonio, TX! From January 18 to 20, we'll be on the show floor at booth 10441 promoting Omensight: Definitive Edition. If you are attending, please come to the booth - we'll be more than happy to chat with you. We'll also have some merch to sell.

Also at PAX South, we'll be showcasing the latest updates for Project Witchstone. More details to come in January's newsletter :)


In case you missed it:
Stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. Talk to you all again in 2019.

Have a safe and happy holidays!

Take care!
Phil from Spearhead Games (@philiptam)
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