Everyone here at Spearhead HQ has been busy, busy working away on Project Witchstone, and now the time of Cons is upon us again!

We were lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Games from Quebec initiative at Gamescom, so before PAX we’ll have a couple of us in Germany. While we’re not on the floor for the general public at Gamescom, our co-founders Atul and Malik will get to show off the game to publishers and the like, which is always a great opportunity. We'd like to especially thank Lina Jivkova of Export Quebec for making all this possible.

PAX West is about two weeks away, and we’re excited to and ready to set up our booth and let people try out the show demo. After getting such great feedback at E3, we’re looking forward to letting even more fans and media have a chance to give Witchstone a spin.

If you’ll be in Seattle for PAX, Malik, Atul, and I will be at Booth #6314, which is on the 6th floor of the Convention Center. Here’s a map to guide your quest:

Attendees will get a chance to try out the 15-minute demo and play around with our systems - attack or steal from the villagers and find out what happens! Also you’ll be able to complete quests, pick a faction to join, explore a dungeon, and tons more. It’s always a treat to see how new players interact with our sandbox living world.

Also we’re participating in Pinny Arcade again this con, so we’ll have a sweet pin of Tyrannex, one of the legendary dinos that inhabit the mysterious world of Witchstone. You're welcome to purchase one at our booth--or get it for FREE simply by trying out the demo.

Note that other exclusive pins from Stories: The Path of Destinies and Omensight will also be available for purchase (while supplies last).

Witchstone Production Update

If somehow you’d missed the news, we’re happy to announce that in addition to PC, Witchstone will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally we’ve announced our plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign later in the fall this year.
Check out our Console Announcement Trailer.
As mentioned in the previous newsletter, Yan (our senior artist) has been giving the HUD a new look!

The "hotbar" at the bottom is modular, meaning each section can be added, removed, or swapped depending on the player's class, race, faction, equipment, etc. Clicking on the triangle icon opens an overflow menu, giving access to items and powers not shown in the main "hotbar".
We've also revamped the Daily Routine system! This new system allows us to quickly set a daily schedule for every single NPC in the game. Instead of having to manually assign a workplace for each character, an NPC will find the right one according to their assigned job and perform various tasks there. It will also pick a location to chill out after work according to their traits and then go back home to rest.

This will make the "living world" aspect of our living world RPG reliably dynamic.
And finally, we couldn't call Witchstone an RPG without having some deep character customization. Here's a preview of some of the look, accessories, and gear you can choose from in the game:

What's Next for Spearhead Games?

Work on Witchstone is far from over, of course. But besides in-game features, we're also designing a new logo for the game!

I'll be back next month with more updates, including more details about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign!
As always, stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

If you haven't already done so, please help us out by adding Project Witchstone to your Steam wishlist.

Take care!
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