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March 18, 2016

Conservation Alliance - Common Vision 2016

Common Vision

FishChoice has been an original member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions organized in 2008. Today, the collective effort from members of the the Conservation Alliance works with businesses representing 80 percent of the North American grocery and institutional food service markets.

One of the original efforts of the Conservation Alliance was the 'Common Vision,' a guideline released in 2008 that all member organizations would use as the basis for their work with the seafood industry. A new version of the Common Vision was released this month, providing businesses with six steps they can take to develop and implement a sustainable seafood policy. These steps include making a public commitment to sustainability, collecting data on seafood products, corporate transparency, responsible sourcing, sustainability education, and support of fishery and aquaculture improvement projects. Click here for the full version of the new Common Vision.

NOAA - Climate Change and its Impact on our Oceans


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published two years worth of research analyzing the vulnerability of marine life to climate change in the U.S. Atlantic. The impacts from changes in ocean waters is anticipated to impact an estimated 50% of the most commonly consumed seafood species from New England.

This color-coded chart (the colors not to be confused with the common traffic light associations with seafood assessments from Seafood Watch) categorizes seafood along the spectrum of biological sensitivity X climate exposure. While some seafood species will be negatively impacted, some species such as Atlantic croaker and black sea bass, may respond positively to a warming climate, increasing in overall population and distribution. Researchers are now conducting research in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest with future plans to expand their research to the U.S.’s Southwest coasts, Southeast coasts, and the Pacific Islands. 

New FishChoice Supplier Member

Marine Harvest Canada

Marine Harvest - Canada
(British Columbia, Canada)

Operating alongside its sister facilities in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Ireland, and the Faroe Islands, Marine Harvest Canada and the Marine Harvest Brand collectively produce one-fifth of the world’s farm-raised salmon. Marine Harvest Canada operates its salmon farms off the coasts of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, where over 500 employees produce 40,000 tonnes of farm-raised Atlantic salmon each year. Marine Harvest’s salmon proudly holds Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 3-star certification from the Global Aquaculture Alliance. In addition to their BAP certification, Marine Harvest was the first company in North America to have its salmon farm certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council salmon standard.
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