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April 1, 2016

New Atlantic Salmon Seafood Guide

Atlantic Salmon

FishChoice has a new seafood guide for Atlantic salmon that includes the following sections: 

Crab Buying Guide Updates

North Pacific Crab Updates
With the recent updates to North Pacific crab ratings from Seafood Watch, we have updated the conservation notes section for our buying guides. The conservation categories are: fishery impacts on stock, habitat impacts, bycatch, and management effectiveness.

New FishChoice Supplier Member

Sustainable Sea Products International

Sustainable Sea Products International (SSPI)
(Rockville, Maryland)

Sustainable Sea Products International (SSPI) of Rockville, Maryland specializes in farmed and wild shrimp from the U.S.. The company sources its farm-raised products from their sister company Global Blue Technologies located in Texas, which grows shrimp in the largest indoor recirculating aquaculture system in the United States.These shrimp (branded Copano Blues) are raised without hormones, growth promoters, or antibiotics. The shrimp are a favorite amongst retailers and restaurants for their natural, bold, and sweet flavor. The company's wild shrimp are harvested from U.S. Gulf waters by trawlers using newly designed doors and nets which reduces benthic impact, lessens drag, and saves fuel. All of SSPI's shrimp are packed and processed within an hour of the farm and fishing port.
FishChoice Supplier Member Profile & Products  

Sustainable Seafood News & Notes






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