July 8, 2016
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Global Impacts Report 2016 - Marine Stewardship Council
MSC Global Impacts Report 2016
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) released their Global Impacts Report 2016 last month showing tremendous growth during the period of 2010-2015, notably that the volume of catch that is now MSC-certified nearly doubled to more than 9% of wild seafood. Other highlights of this report include: 
  • 94% of certified fisheries have made at least one improvement in their fishery and 52% of all improvements suggested by the MSC program were completed; 
  • 78% of the total value of Canadian wild-caught seafood is MSC-certified
  • 10 of the 23 global tuna stocks are certified or are in assessment
  • ~20% of certified fisheries fall in the cod / haddock / hake category and ~15% of fisheries are in the bivalve category- the 2 largest categories by # of fisheries
  • Gaps remain: only 2 fisheries in the MSC program from all of Africa and no fisheries from the Pacific side of South America
For the full report, click here.  
Seafood Spotlight: Pink Salmon
Pink Salmon
Based on average landings of pink salmon from 2011-2014 and using 2016 Seafood Watch ratings, the sustainability breakdown of North American pink salmon is as follows:
  • ~95% "Best Choice (green)" - from Alaska
  • ~2-3% "Good Alternative (yellow)" from Washington (more specifically Puget Sound)
  • ~2-3% unrated from British Columbia (although this is Ocean Wise 'Recommended')
On a global scale over the same time period, the split between Russia and the United States & Canada pink salmon production is about 55%/45% respectively.
Del Pacifico Seafoods - Hermosa Beach, California
Del Pacifico Seafoods
Del Pacifico Seafoods of Hermosa Beach, California is a wholesaler specializing in seafood that creates minimal environmental impact and supports socially responsible fishing communities. By fishing from small boats called 'pangas,' Del Pacifico Seafoods reduces the effects of destructive fishing practices, consumes less fuel, and lowers bycatch. All seafood products are processed, frozen, and shipped within a few hours from capture, ensuring the freshest product possible is delivered to their customers. Del Pacifico proudly holds the title of being the only shrimp fishery in the world certified by Fair Trade. Through Fair Trade, fishermen earn additional income to invest in projects that support the ecosystem and communities that produce these exceptional seafoods. Read more...
Sustainable Seafood News of the Week
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(Nature, 07/06/16)

UN: Global Fish Consumption Per Capita Hits Record High
(BBC, 07/07/16)

More Russian Salmon Fisheries Close in on MSC Certification
(Undercurrent News, 07/07/16)

IATTC Fails to Adopt Tuna Conservation Measures, Makes Shark Progress
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Biggest Salmon Producer Wants to Farm Fish Inside Cargo Ship
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Pickled and Smoked: Reasons to Get Excited About the Good Food Awards New Preserved Fish Category
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10 Nations Gather in Iqaluit for Arctic Fisheries Negotiations
(CBC News, 07/06/16)

Will This Technology Make Fish Farming More Sustainable?
(Civil Eats, 07/06/16)

Bait Shortage Could Impact Lobster Industry
(New Jersey Herald, 07/05/16)

Public Consultation for Seafood Watch Salmonid Standard Open Until July 31
(Seafood Watch, 07/01/16)

The Global Demand for Protein Will Require a Sustainable Shift to the Sea
(Sustainable Brands, 07/01/16)

Audubon G.U.L.F. Partners with Mississippi Commercial Fishermen Union to Promote Sustainable Fisheries
(Audubon G.U.L.F., 07/01/16)
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