July 22, 2016
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Global Ghost Gear Initiative
Global Ghost Gear Initiative
The Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) is a cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide. There GGGI works with a model of place-based solutions and among the worldwide solutions, there are currently four in North America: Organizations that are interested in the work of GGGI can participate through two options and current participating supporters of GGGI include two FishChoice Supplier Members (Albion Farms & Fisheries, Austral Fisheries) and one Sustainable Seafood Partner (Ocean Wise).
Seafood Spotlight: Petrale Sole
Petrale Sole
Based on average landings of petrale sole from 2011-2013 and using 2016 Seafood Watch ratings, the sustainability breakdown of North American petrale is as follows:
  • ~4% "Best Choice (green)" from the California Groundfish Collective
  • ~96% "Good Alternative (yellow)" from British Columbia and the U.S. West Coast
Within North America, British Columbia lands ~50% of North American petrale sole, Oregon lands ~30%, Washington and California ~10% each (~35-40% of California landings caught by the California Groundfish Collective).
FishChoice's petrale sole sustainable seafood guide
Plaza Aquafarms - Wilton, California
Plaza Aquafarms
Plaza Aquafarms is a leading importer, farmer, wholesaler, and distributor of sturgeon caviar located in Wilton, California. Founded in 1989, Plaza Aquafarms and the Pacific Plaza Imports brand pride themselves on offering an alternative to either wild sturgeon or sturgeon caviar farm-raised with intensive chemicals. By investing in domestic, sustainable farming methods, Plaza Aquafarms has been able to alleviate the demand for imported caviar. Recognized as a world leader in sustainable sturgeon production, Plaza Aquafarms has become its own micro-ecosystem. Using proprietary tank-farming techniques, their aquafarm is able to recycle all of its water after passing it through natural aquifers - an on-site, five acre hydroponic pond. This whole process is designed to clean and recharge the waters so that their fish can swim in pristine and mineral rich waters. Read more...
Sustainable Seafood News of the Week
Seafood Watch: Critics of Ratings Program Outdated
(Global Aquaculture Advocate, 07/15/16)

There's a Crisis in Our Oceans, Illegal Fishing Dwarfs Ivory and Rhino Horn Poaching
(Mail & Guardian, 07/19/16)

Fishers and Buyers Drive Precautionary Skipjack Rules
(Walton Family Foundation, 07/18/16)

Mexico Bans Night Fishing, Gillnets for Vaquita Porpoise
(AP Big Story, 07/20/16)

Turn Shrimp into Vegetarians? It Could Solve Aquaculture’s Sustainability Problem
(Chemical & Engineering News, 07/18/16)

WWF Aims to Protect Sharks, Not Close Fishing
(Sky News, 07/16/16)

MSC Seeking Stakeholder Input on Enhanced Requirements for Labor Practices
(Sustainable Brands, 07/20/16)

Seafood Conservation Advocate Elected Chair of Environmental Stakeholder Committee
(International Sustainable Seafood Foundation, 07/19/16)

Arctic Char Can Be a Sustainable Alternative to Salmon: Investors
(Feed Navigator, 07/22/16)

Chilean Farmed Salmon: Poster Child for Caution
(One Fish Foundation, 07/20/16)

Asian Consumers are Turning Against Shark Fin Soup but Not Fast Enough to Save Shark Populations
(CNBC, 07/17/16)

Kristofor Lofgren on Sustainable Seafood and Bringing Bamboo Sushi to Denver
(Westword, 07/20/16)

Fishing for Change with School Lunch Program
(Union-Bulletin, 07/17/16)

Boat-to-School Local Seafood Culinary Program Established by Oregon Albacore Commission
(UC Food Observer, 07/19/16)

Everything You Need to Know about Geoducks
(Eater, 07/17/16)
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