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FisheryProgress Update
FisheryProgress Update
It’s been 18 months since we launched FisheryProgress – the one-stop shop for reliable information about fishery improvement project (FIP) progress. Today there are nearly 100 FIPs listed, almost doubling the total from one year ago. The FisheryProgress team has been working hard to accommodate every FIP around the world and making improvements to the website, so it is as user-friendly and accessible as possible. Some of the changes to the website and effort include:
  • Recent additions to the Advisory Committee: Andre Brugger (Netuno USA) and Cassie Leisk (New England Seafood)
  • Recent additions to the Technical Oversight Committee: Cameron Dixon (MRAG Asia Pacific) and Hannah Norbury (Marine Stewardship Council)
  • Updated FIP Directory with new search options for status, progress rating, country and more
  • Updated "FIP at a Glance" dashboard for each FIP profile
  • Added flexibility for information sharing for FIPs with multiple species &/or fishing methods
Some of the new and updated fishery improvement projects on the site include: FishChoice and FisheryProgress are also now connected with FIPs identified on FishChoice in several ways: Not registered? Sign-up on FisheryProgress today to get the latest information on fishery improvement projects and start following FIPs of interest on a personalized dashboard.
Seafood Spotlight: Bluefish
Seafood Spotlight: Bluefish

Bluefish flesh is fine-textured, fatty, and the flesh ranges from white to silver-gray. To determine quality, look for bluefish flesh that has a firm texture. The fish are sold fresh as whole fish and as skin-on fillets with the pinbone in as well as salted, dried, smoked, and as a pâté. Pay close attention to quality, especially during peak landings in warm weather months. Bluefish are highly perishable and this short shelf requires the fish to be cleaned quickly and iced. Bluefish doesn’t hold up well to freezing so some buyers recommend looking for it fresh. Bluefish can be substituted for other high oil content fish such as mackerel and farmed salmon. 

Based on average landings of bluefish from 2012-2016 and using the most recent 2014 (U.S. Atlantic) Seafood Watch ratings, the sustainability breakdown of bluefish is as follows:

  • ~10% of bluefish landings meet a Seafood Watch "Best Choice (green)" rating (pole-and-line and handline-caught from the U.S. Atlantic) with ~60% from Massachusetts and ~15% each from Florida and New York
  • ~60% of bluefish landings meet a Seafood Watch "Good Alternative (yellow)" rating (bottom trawl and gillnet-caught from the U.S. Atlantic) with ~45% from North Carolina and ~15% from New Jersey
  • ~30% of bluefish landings are unrated/unknown with ~50% from New York and ~25% from Rhode Island
  • U.S. landings of bluefish have decreased ~15% in 2016 compared to 2012 landings of ~5 million lbs.
  • U.S. landings of bluefish account for ~10% of global landings, ranking the U.S. 3rd in total landings behind Turkey (~35%) and Brazil (~20%)

Get more details on sourcing, selling, and sustainability of bluefish with our bluefish seafood guide

Seafood Imports, Inc. - San Diego, California
Seafood Imports Inc.

For nearly 20 years, Seafood Imports has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices. Seafood Imports exceptionally fresh seafood and ability to meet every customer's requirements, challenges and budgets are the cornerstones of their continued success in the highly competitive seafood industry. Whether on the ground with fisherman, investing in factory infrastructure and technology, or visiting the end users in their restaurants, Seafood Imports is committed to serving the finest quality seafood. Experts in sashimi grade tuna, Seafood Imports proudly offers JAVA® and JAVA® Kosher—their private labels of sashimi grade tuna. In addition to their JAVA® sashimi tuna brand, Seafood Imports also offer yellowtail hamachi, escolar, snapper, grouper, black butterfish and more. Read more...

Tradex Foods Inc. - British Columbia, Canada

Tradex Foods is a business focused on the sourcing, processing, distributing and marketing of high-quality frozen seafood, selling products to food service, supermarkets, and retailers around the world. Its strategic contributions to sustainability and economic integrity demonstrate Tradex’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. Tradex Foods is an MSC-certified supplier and an Ocean Wise partner. The company provides leadership in sustainability through education and by adopting improved technologies and standards. Tradex Foods aims to do its part in the development of a sustainable and vibrant industry for future generations. It recognizes that consumers demand sustainability and strives to provide a level of transparency to all Tradex Food customers. Read more...

Sustainable Seafood News of the Week
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Unmasking a Salmon Virus
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From Camels to Catfish, Algeria Boosts Fish Farming in the Sahara Desert
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Closing the Loop on Sustainable Aquaculture
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Report: "High Probability" Seafood Tainted by Labor Abuse Making its Way onto U.S. Dinner Plates
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Restaurants Double Down on Seafood Sustainability
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How to Eat Fish Sustainability and Help Our Planet
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Where Target Gets its Surprisingly Good Sushi
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First Squid Fishery in the World Certified as Sustainable
(Marine Stewardship Council, 5/23/2018)
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