Big Enough is Enough Signwave on Wednesday 3-6pm
This is not a Sierra Club event but we thought you might be interested.


KAHULUI, MAUI. A coalition of grassroots groups angry that their health and welfare is being sacrificed to corporate profit will be sign waving on Wednesday December 10, from 3 pm to 6 pm at the corner of Hana Hwy and Dairy Rd.

"It is unacceptable that the citizens of Maui passed a GMO Moratorium and Dow and Monsanto did an end run around us," explained Autumn Ness of Maui United.  "This is yet another incident of the government over-riding the citizens and it has people very upset."

The sign waving is being organized by Maui Unite and includes GMO Free, Stop Cane Burning and Hawaiian groups.

Karen Chun of Stop Cane Burning added, "For years we've told the Department of Health that 240 days per year of smoke is making us sick and they do nothing.  Same with pesticide over spray. Department of Agriculture detects residue and then Oahu ignores it."

"We go to court to get the water returned to the kuleana farmers.  We win. And still the corporations steal the water.  Enough is Enough!" added Trinette Furtado.

Organizers say that the government is letting them down on protecting their health and the health of the water, land and air. They are demanding that legislators stop enacting laws favoring corporations over people.

The public is invited to participate. Individuals may bring their own signs or use signs that will be available. Those who are working can come late as the sign waving will last until 6 pm. Kaua'i and Big Island who have recently seen their GMO or Pesticide ordinances preempted by the state will also be sign waving Wednesday.

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