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Successful leaders should
concentrate on the big decisions

But many don't. They get caught up in the “weeds” and end up spending too little time and too little focus  on the high-level strategic areas where they can have the most  impact – where their skills really matter.

There is nothing sadder than an executive bogged down in trivia, indecision and other people’s problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
In truth, many just need to get better organized so they can assign tasks to specific people and hold them accountable for the results. But these are exactly the skills that don't get taught in business schools, and can trip up the unwary or those partial to controlling things.
This article, Successful leaders concentrate on big decisions, originally appeared as one of my  “Corner Office”  columns in the National Post. I have adapted & updated it for this newsletter.

Secrets of the Superbosses

What do these superbosses have in common?: Ralph Lauren, Larry Ellison, Julian Robertson, Jay Chiat, Bill Walsh, George Lucas, Bob Noyce, Lorne Michaels, Mary Kay Ash.
Yes, they are competent, competitive, imaginative leaders who pioneered new business models, products or services that created billions of dollars in value.
But the one thing that really distinguishes these business icons is their ability to seek out unusually gifted people and  groom talent.  This Harvard Business Review piece,  Secrets of the Superbosses explains how they do it.
Following the superboss playbook, we can all become better at nurturing talent, creating higher-performing workforces and, ultimately, more dynamic and sustainable businesses and industries.

Everyone talks about delegation, and everyone agrees that it’s a great idea. But it’s easier said than done. A high performing team with strong, mutually-supportive relationships can have a huge impact on productivity and results.  In this video I give some tips on  building a high performance team

It’s not just about the money. You want your best people to feel so well taken care of that they will have no interest in exploring other opportunities. You need to recognize them, develop them and provide rewards that they find meaningful.  One size does not fit all.  This video, How To Set A Loyalty Trap  will help you get started.

Executives at all levels struggle with the challenges addressed in the above articles and videos. And they may never disappear completely.  But when addressed proactively, significant progress can be made. 

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