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Fifty Shades of Gray:

The Real World of the CEO

Ever wish you were CEO of your company, having the final say on all decisions? Be careful what you wish for.  Turns out, making those decisions ain't so easy.

“The black-and-white, right-or-wrong decisions happen before they reach the CEO’s office. The gray area is where the CEO lives and proves his or her worth.”

So says Doug Conant - Chairman of Avon and former CEO of Campbell Soup

Similar challenges exist if you are in any senior management role. Whether you are  heading up a department, a division, or a functional area, the easy decisions are frequently made below your level;  and what constitutes the "right" decision is often unclear.

Fifty Shades of Gray: The Real World of the CEO was recently published in Chief Executive magazine. It is a short piece that addresses the challenges of working in a world of ambiguity - and what can be done to ensure that top executives thrive in the realm of the gray.  I hope you enjoy it.

Don't Say 'Great Job' to your High Performers"

The second article "Don't Say 'Great Job' to your High Performers", was recently published in Forbes magazine. It discusses the most effective way to deliver positive reinforcement -- to help ensure that your high performers repeat their terrific behaviours in the future.

Michael Stern's "Coaching Moments for Executives"

Finally, news about our website.  We have recently introduced Michael Stern's "Coaching Moments for Executives" - short video clips offering insights and recommended action steps for some common challenges facing senior executives.

"How To Get Out of the Weeds"  and "The Paradox of Leadership - Getting the Feedback I Need"  are on the website now. "Building a High Performance Team"  and "How to Set a Loyalty Trap" will be coming within the next few  weeks.  And videos on other topics of interest will follow.

As always, I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.
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