The Counterintuitive Way Smart CEOs Work

"Are you being lazy enough?"

That's the question Jim Schleckser asks in a recent Inc. Magazine article. If you're not, chances are your company's strategic growth and people development may be suffering.

In this case, being "lazy" is about working smarter not harder

Many leaders find it tantalizingly easy to stop focusing on their own jobs (envisioning the future and rallying others to achieve it) and to start doing other people's jobs.It's hard to give up "doing".  But the job of a leader is to conduct the orchestra, not to play all the instruments.

In my executive coaching practice, I see many instances where CEOs -- or others in senior executive roles -- struggle to stay "out of the weeds"; struggle to remain focused on their more strategic tasks. It is always a challenge - but it's a behaviour change that can be learned!

I think you will find the piece stimulating and interesting. You may access it from the links above, or from here.

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