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Welcome to Issue #106 of the newsletter. Take a look at this week's mixed bag of links...

Are you one of those who like to read digital publications? Or someone who loves visual representations of online pieces? Both? Then look forward to The Pudding. It. Is. Cool.
 Mobile  Development
7 things you should know before using Jetpack Compose

Declarative frameworks have been winning traction in the development world. But before you dive into Jetpack Compose, here are a few important things to know.

SwiftUI Progressive Disclosures Tutorial
Learn how to dress up your iOS apps with SwiftUI views containing progressive disclosures using state variables, animations and transitions.
Flutter Minimizing Size Tips

Here's a minimalist guide for size optimizations for Flutter.

Download Progress With Awaited Network Tasks
Soroush's great write-up of his experience working through the new way of doing this if you're using async networking.
The 5-Step Guide to Become an Android Developer

Get this guide with some jam-packed actionable items after each step.

 Web  Development
A Guide To CSS Debugging

Look at a few categories bugs often fit into, see how we can evaluate the situation, and explore techniques that help prevent these bugs.

On the <dl>
| The <dl>, or description list, element is underrated.
Turning a React app into an installable PWA with offline detection, service workers and theming
Setup service workers, improve the app interface, and make use of offline detection in this detailed guide.
How we halved the publish size of modular AWS SDK for JavaScript clients
In this blog post, Trivikram Kamat covers how the AWS team reduced the published size of v3 modular packages by ~50%.
How to win at CORS
Author Jake wrote down pretty much everything he knew about CORS in this playful guide.
 Ui/Ux  Design
Digital Design Philosophy
By Dennis Hambeukers, Strategic UX Design Consultant.
Performance Design: The Illusion of Speed
By The Ambitious Designer.
Designing something new with the Atlassian Design System
By Deborah Lindberg.
From systems thinking to systems doing
By Arturo Ríos, UX Designer.
How user journey mapping can elevate the user experience
By Lillian Xiao, UX Designer.
Everything  else...  
Technical Lead Roles and Responsibilities in 2021
The dual role of a technical lead and an overview of the responsibilities.
Deploying A Deep Learning Model on Mobile Using TensorFlow and React

Learn how to build a cross-platform mobile app (for both iOS and Android) using React Native and TensorFlowJS React Native adaptor.

Python C API: Add functions to access PyObject
Here's everything to know about the PyObject structure.
What is Google FLoC and How Does It Affect Your Privacy
| Google Chrome, the world’s most widely used web browser, wants cookies to FLoC off.
What's great about Python 3.10?

Trey learned some great new things from troubleshooting to IDLE changes.

...and some  more.  

How asynchronous communication could change your workday

| More of us are working different hours than our colleagues, reducing our real-time communication. Will it stay this way?
What geometry taught me about awe, love and grief
How thinking about geometry has helped the author understand grief.
And You Will Know Us by the Company We Keep

What's so unique you say?

The housing theory of everything

| Western housing shortages do not just prevent many from ever affording their own home. 
The Internet of Grift
NFTs are an even more insidious form of grift than regular crypto products.
Video  tutorials  

Add GitHub Pinned Repositories to React & Next.js with the GitHub GraphQL API

Improve UX Using Cookies in Webflow
Formik (React Forms) Crash Course
 Tools  for everyone
Kukla Kit - Huge library of 3D elements with funny characters.
Get 'em all!
Grain - Record, clip, and share video from Zoom in real-time.
Try Grain for free
Float  - Animate your layers and present your art in a whole new dimension.
Animate now
LensOCR Remove Background,  Capture Text & Scan QR / Barcode.
Enhance your screenshots
Slapdash - Brings all your apps together in one place to give you new superpowers.
Increase your toolkit
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