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Issue 3 | Spring 2020

In this edition:
1 - Review Group News
2 - New Reviews & Protocols
3 - Training Resources
4 - Get to Know Our Team
5 - Cochrane News
6 - Events & Opportunities  *Join our Editorial Board
7 - Community Highlights
8 - Notable Citations and Other Publications of Interest

1 - Review Group News

Our latest Annual Report is now available. Thank you to all of our author teams, editors, peer reviewers, consumer reviewers and other contributions for your role in the activities and achievements over the past year. 
2019 CARG & EC Annual Report

COVID-19 Special Collections

Evidence related to critical care

This collection highlights numerous reviews from our two groups and collects all Cochrane reviews on critical care and emergency medicine topics relevant to the ongoing pandemic in one place. At last assessment, this collection has been viewed over 125 000 times and translated into 12 languages.  

Regional anaesthesia to reduce drug use in anaesthesia and avoid aerosol generation

This collection includes all Cochrane Reviews on regional anaesthesia techniques. Regional anaesthesia is recommended as a solution to address the challenges of aerosol-generating anaesthesia techniques and drug shortages resulting from the pandemic. At last count, this collection has been viewed over 3000 times. 

Ongoing COVID-19 Work

We are rapidly updating several of our reviews, and have registered some new titles including:
  • High‐flow nasal cannulae for respiratory support in adult intensive care patients (update) (link)
  • Prone position for acute respiratory failure in adults (update) (link)
  • Interventions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19: a network meta-analysis (protocol in progress)
We are also supporting Cochrane's Rapid Review initiative for topics falling under our scope.
If you are interested in registering a new title with our groups, please submit a topic proposal following these instructions
More information on Cochrane's COVID-19 response and up to date news is available here.
Editor recruitment is still ongoing. See Events and Opportunities below for more details. 

Update on Priority-Setting

Our priority setting surveys for both groups have been completed and analyzed. Thank you to everyone in our community that shared feedback and suggestions.

We are in the process of preliminary ranking of our title catalogue and plan to release interim lists of priority titles for both groups in July. A big thanks to all the author teams that conducted updating classification system assessments for their reviews. We intend to update our priority lists later in 2020 once we have complete data. Keep an eye out for updates about this exercise on our websites. 

Risk of bias-2 (RoB 2)

We are now supporting all of our author teams who wish to implement the new Risk of bias-2 tool for their protocols, reviews, and review updates. Currently, 5 of our author teams are participating in the pilot with the Cochrane Methods Support Unit. Our first review incorporating RoB 2 will be published later this year. 

Handbook Chapter 8
Evidence Synthesis Ireland Webinar
How to use RoB 2.0 in RevMan Web

2 - New Reviews & Protocols

Emergency and Critical Care


  • Family presence during resuscitation (link)

New title registrations

  • Prognostic models for predicting functional decline in older people in the Emergency Department
  • Neuromuscular blocking agents for acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Interventions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19: a network meta-analysis
  • Oxygen targets in the intensive care unit during mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory distress syndrome: a rapid review
  • Parenteral medication for the management of acute severe behavioural disturbance (ASBD) in the emergency department

New title registrations

  • Regional anaesthesia for breast surgery: a network meta-analysis
  • Erector spinae plane blocks for postoperative pain
For a full list of our reviews, please visit our websites or the Cochrane Library (choose 'Browse by Review Group').

3 - Training Resources & Events

4 - Get to Know Our Team

Each newsletter we will be introducing members of our Editorial Teams so that you can get to know us better. You can also connect with our Review Groups and Editors on LinkedIn.

This quarter, we are pleased to introduce our Cochrane Information Specialist. Information Specialists are critical members of our author and editorial teams, providing guidance and technical knowledge to ensure that our systematic review searches are well designed and executed. Beyond that, they play an essential role in impact measurement, scoping research, and education. 

Janne Vendt

(Cochrane Information Specialist, Denmark)

Janne Vendt is the Cochrane Information Specialist for Cochrane Anaesthesia, and Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care.

She has a degree in Library Science and Communication and has worked as a medical librarian for ten years. Before that, she was a consortia administrator negotiating licenses to scientific publishers for Danish universities and hospitals. In 2016 she joined Cochrane and is now supporting the authors in developing their search strategies for the reviews published by our two Review Groups. Janne is located at Herlev Hospital in Denmark along with our Managing Editor. They are part of the research unit in the department of anesthesiology.

5 - Cochrane and Network News

COVID-19 Related Tasks

If you are interested in contributing to ongoing efforts related to COVID-19, you can check out Task Exchange, where there is a list of opportunities.

RevMan Web

We are now using RevMan Web, Cochrane's new web-based platform, for the production of the majority of our eligible reviews. 

Support for interested author teams is available. There is also a new Knowledge Base section specifically for Editorial Staff.
The latest version of the Desktop version of RevMan (5.4) is now available for download. 

Conflict of Interest Revision Project

Check out this link for updates on the progress to date, project reports and recommendations and next steps for the revision of Cochrane's commercial sponsorship policy.
  • Cochrane’s new Conflict of Interest policy - How do I deal with “non-financial” interests? (webinar) July 14

6 - Events & Opportunities

Join our team!

Are you interested in getting more involved with the work of Cochrane Anaesthesia or Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care? We are currently recruiting for several vacant editor positions with our two review groups. You can read more about these opportunities and how to apply on our websites (links below). There are openings for both Content Editors and Statistical Editors. These are volunteer positions
Apply to Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care
Apply to Cochrane Anaesthesia

Become an Expert Peer Reviewer

If you would like to contribute to our work as a peer reviewer, please complete this online contact form (CARG, EC) so that we can add you to our database. 

Consumer Reviewer Opportunities

We now post all of our consumer review opportunities to comment on our plain language summaries on TaskExchange. Keep an eye out for new postings. 

Please check out the following Review Group events, and opportunities to contribute to our work. Upcoming events Cochrane wide are updated regularly here.

Get Involved with EC
Get Involved with CARG

7 - Community Highlights

Anything to Share?

We are keen to highlight achievements and news from our broader community. If you have a publication, event, news item, or anything else that you would like to share via this newsletter, please contact us!

8 - Notable Citations and Other Publications of Interest

Recent Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations
*If you are a guideline developer or policymaker with evidence needs, please get in touch
COVID-19 Methods Commentaries and Reviews Core Outcome Sets
These articles and resources are linked for interest only and are not endorsements
If you would like your article to feature here, please contact the Managing Editor

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