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Issue 2 | Winter 2020

In this edition:
1 - Review Group News
2 - New Reviews & Protocols
3 - Training Resources
4 - Cochrane News
5 - Get to Know Our Team
6 - Events & Opportunities  *Join our Editorial Board
7 - Community Highlights
8 - Notable Citations and Other Publications of Interest

1 - Review Group News

We are currently looking to fill several positions on our editorial board. See Events and Opportunities below for more details. 

Upcoming Editorial Board Meeting

We are holding an in-person meeting of both editorial boards in May 2020 in Vienna, Austria. During this meeting, we plan to discuss editorial business, priority-setting, and new developments related to Cochrane standards and systematic review methodology. We are also holding several training sessions to bring our editorial board up to speed with new tools and methods. 

Update on Priority-Setting

Our priority setting surveys for both groups have been completed and analyzed. Thank you to everyone in our community that shared feedback and suggestions.

We are now cataloguing our existing reviews and will move onto ranking and development of priority review lists early in the Spring. Keep an eye out for updates about this exercise on our websites. 

RevMan Web

We are now using RevMan Web for the production and editing of many of our ongoing reviews.

Support for interested author teams is available. There is also a new Knowledge Base section specifically for Editorial Staff.

Risk of bias-2 (RoB-2.0)

We are now supporting our author teams who wish to implement the new Risk of bias-2 tool for their protocols, reviews, and review updates. Several author teams are participating in the pilot with the Cochrane Methods Support Unit. 

Handbook Chapter 8
Evidence Synthesis Ireland Webinar
How to use RoB 2.0 in RevMan Web

Coronavirus (COVID-19): evidence related to critical care

Our Co-ordinating Editor of Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care, Harald Herkner, contributed suggestions to the new Cochrane Special Collection on Coronavirus, specifically focused on evidence related to critical care (also see Acute and Emergency Care feature). The collection features several of our reviews and will be updated on an ongoing basis. Future collections addressing prevention and infection control measures will be developed. Our dissemination fellows are also working on a forthcoming Special Collection on regional anaesthesia. 

2 - New Reviews & Protocols


Perioperative restrictive versus goal‐directed fluid therapy for adults undergoing major non‐cardiac surgery


Adductor canal blocks for postoperative pain treatment in adults undergoing knee surgery


Pharmacological interventions for the prevention of acute postoperative pain in adults following brain surgery


Transient neurological symptoms (TNS) following spinal anaesthesia with lidocaine versus other local anaesthetics in adult surgical patients: a network meta‐analysis

Emergency and Critical Care

Early enteral nutrition (within 48 hours) versus delayed enteral nutrition (after 48 hours) with or without supplemental parenteral nutrition in critically ill adults


Corticosteroids for treating sepsis in children and adults


BMJ Podcast - featuring our Corticosteroids review

Skip to 1:20 to hear Carl Heneghan discuss the review, including its potential uptake and impact on clinical practice. 
Click to Listen

Higher versus lower fraction of inspired oxygen or targets of arterial oxygenation for adults admitted to the intensive care unit


Pharmacological interventions for the treatment of delirium in critically ill adults


PROTOCOL: Higher versus lower blood pressure targets in adults with shock

For a full list of our reviews please visit our websites or the Cochrane Library (choose 'Browse by Review Group').

3 - Training Resources

  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING MODULE on Health Equity in systematic reviews, Details here
  • TRAINING WEBINAR SERIES Cochrane Learning Live is hosting a webinar series (5 sessions between November and March) about Network Meta-Analysis: Details here
  • WEBINAR Reporting Guidelines for Synthesis without Meta-Analysis, March 4Details here
  • Evidence Essentials: free online resource offering an introduction to health evidence, and how to use it to make informed health choices
  • RevMan Web Training
  • Risk of Bias-2 Training

4 - Cochrane and Network News

Conflict of Interest Revision Project

Check out this link for updates on the progress to date, project reports and recommendations and next steps for the revision of Cochrane's commercial sponsorship policy.

Karla Soares-Weiser: Cochrane announces a new, more rigorous “conflict of interest” policy

New Cochrane Policies

New Edition of the Cochrane Handbook

The new edition (Version 6) of the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions launched last fall and is available on the Cochrane website and via the Wiley website. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this new resource. Read more. All new protocols, reviews, and updates must adhere to this new guidance. 

5 - Get to Know Our Team

Each newsletter we will be introducing members of our Editorial Team so that you can get to know us better. You can also connect with our Review Group and Editors on LinkedIn.

This quarter, we are pleased to introduce our Co-ordinating Editors. Our Co-Eds lead the strategic direction of the Review Groups, oversee the selection and prioritization of new Cochrane review titles, evaluate and sign-off on all review content, and contribute to dissemination strategies and stakeholder engagement.

Prof Andy Smith

(Co-ordinating Editor Cochrane Anaesthesia)

Andy obtained his medical degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1988 and has worked as a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary in the UK since 1998.

He has been involved with Cochrane since 1995 and, after joining the Anaesthesia Group as one of the founding editors in 2000, took over as Co-ordinating Editor in 2018.  His contribution to the specialty of anaesthesia, and the science and practice of patient safety, in particular, were recently recognised by a Foundation Award from the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland. 

He is especially keen on getting the Group's reviews out into the wider world to increase Cochrane's reach and impact, whilst at the same time improving the care of perioperative patients. 

Prof Harald Herkner

(Co-ordinating Editor Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care)

Harald Herkner is associate professor and consultant at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Medical University Vienna, Austria. After his medical education at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna, he completed his specialist training in internal medicine at the Vienna General Hospital, also receiving further specialist training in intensive care medicine and emergency medicine. He completed the MSc programme in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/ University of London (2004-2007). He works as a clinician, researcher and teacher.

In 2002 he was first involved as an author with the Cochrane Heart group and became Content Editor with the Anaesthesia Critical and Emergency Review Group. His main focus was on intensive care and emergency medicine, always with a strong interest in statistical methods. In 2018 he was appointed Co-ordinating editor of the Emergency and Critical Care group. Working together with brilliant, enthusiastic people from around the globe to improve patient-care is what he enjoys so much about his Cochrane engagement.

From 2012 to 2015 he also served as Member to the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London/UK, and currently is President of the Vienna Biometric section of the IBS and Vice-President of the Austrian Association of Emergency Medicine. His main scientific interests are clinical epidemiology in intensive care medicine, emergency medicine, acute cardiovascular diseases, applied medical statistics, and meta-analysis.

6 - Events & Opportunities

Join our Editorial Board

Apply to Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care
Apply to Cochrane Anaesthesia
Are you interested in getting more involved with the work of Cochrane Anaesthesia or Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care? We are currently recruiting for several vacant editor positions with our two review groups. You can read more about these opportunities and how to apply on our websites (links below). There are openings for both Content Editors and Statistical Editors. These are volunteer positions

Become an Expert Peer Reviewer

If you would like to contribute to our work as a peer reviewer, please complete this online contact form (CARG, EC) so that we can add you to our database. 

Consumer Review Opportunities

We now post all of our consumer review opportunities to comment on our plain language summaries on TaskExchange. Keep an eye out for new postings. 

2020 Cochrane Colloquium

Now accepting abstracts and workshop proposals

Please check out the following Review Group events, and opportunities to contribute to our work. Upcoming events Cochrane wide are updated regularly here.

Get Involved with EC
Get Involved with CARG

7 - Community Highlights

Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care Network

Cochrane Anaesthesia and Cochrane Emergency and Critical Care are part of the Acute and Emergency Care Network. Watch the video below and click here for more info on how they support and help coordinate the work of the five member CRGs.
Introduction to the Cochrane Acute and Emergency Care Network

Anything to Share?

We are eager to highlight achievements and news from our broader community. If you have a publication, event, news item, or anything else that you would like to share via this newsletter, please contact us!
Introduction to Cochrane First Aid

8 - Notable Citations and Other Publications of Interest

Recent Clinical Guidelines Citing our Reviews
*If you are a guideline developer or policymaker with an interest in working with us, please get in touch Methods Core Outcome Sets Commentaries Dissemination and Communication
If you would like your publication to feature here, please contact the Managing Editor

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