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Despite the challenges of corona we aim to set up new initiatives at Aletta; we have started our own bookclub, are part of the rapid testing lane at Zernike and are organising many (online) events. 

In this newsletter, we bring you up-to-date with our latest news! 


The Aletta Bookclub

In her time Aletta Jacobs was an avid reader and a frequent visitor of the Groningen library. In her wake we have started the Aletta Bookclub. We read books (popular science books as well as novels) that are broadly related to the topic of health. The bookclub meets approximately every six weeks in the evening. Everyone is welcome to join!

The first book we have read is Pale Rider. The Spanish flu of 1918 and how it changed the world, written by science journalist Laura Spinney.
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Rapid testing lane

Last week, the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen and Noorderpoort College started a pilot project led by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This should ensure that some of the students that have to take an exam can do so safely. Above all, it is an attempt to find out if more physical education is possible in the future.

The following researchers are involved:
  • Esther Metting: Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Adriaan Wieringa: Faculty of Law
  • Danielle Jansen: Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Alex Friedrich and Bert Niesters: UMCG
  • Dineke Gruppen: Aletta
Coordination will be done by Jochen Mierau, scientific director of the AJSPH.
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NWO call climate adaptation and health

A call for participating in matchmaking for NWO National Research Agenda - Theme: Climate adaptation and health
On 4 February Prof. Jochen Mierau and Prof. Klaus Hubacek will host a webinar on research opportunities for inter- and transdisciplinary climate adaptation and health research. 

Goal of the upcoming meeting is to establish whether we can develop a practice-oriented research proposal on the theme ‘Climate adaptation and health: A healthy living environment for people, animals and plants in times of climate change’.
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European Researchers' Night

In the first week of this year, the AJSPH applied for a grant under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions; the European Researchers' Night. The application was submitted in collaboration with Hinke Haisma, Rina Knoeff, Gerjan Navis, Lucy Avrimaadou and Forum Groningen.

The Night provides researchers the opportunity to showcase the diversity of science and its impact on citizens’ daily lives, and to stimulate interest in research careers – especially among young people.

If Aletta receives the funding, if will be used for Aletta's Kitchen, a new interactive installation in the Forum Groningen and an education program for primary schools, all in the theme of healthy nutrition. 


Junior Research Meet-up

Are you a young researcher interested in public health? Join Aletta's Talent Network for the Junior Research Meet-up where junior academics will present work from various disciplines. Keynote speaker: Louise Meijering - An interdisciplinary journey between health geography and rehabilitation medicine. 

The Junior Research Meet-up will be opened by Cisca Wijmenga (Rector Magnificus of the University of Groningen) and closed by Jochen Mierau (Scientific Director of the AJSPH).

Date: Thursday 28 January, 09:20 - 12:40
Language: English
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CurioUs?: Light pollution

Light pollution affects people, animals and plants. Think of the disruption of the biorhythm, sleeping problems or even illnesses caused by excessively bright nights. Or disrupted routes of migratory birds, changing flowering periods of plants.

Join this CurioUs measurement to see what it's like in your area. Together we provide a good picture of the current state of light pollution in the Northern Netherlands.
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Inauguration of dr. Han de Ruiter

Han de Ruiter is Professor of Value-based Health Care. Important research topics of de Ruiter are the patient’s perspective, the process of ‘joint decision-making’ of the care professional and the patient involved and increased control of patients over their own care. De Ruiter his research also focuses on the role, function and position of the nursing professional in value-based care.

Date: 3 February
Language: Dutch
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Political debate: health care in the Northern region

An online political debate about care, prevention and regional cooperation in the northern provinces. In collaboration with Stichting Arts en Organisatie, the Municipality of Groningen and the UMCG.

Date: 4 February
Language: Dutch
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Executive MBA Health

In a health landscape that is constantly changing, strong leaders are needed who can master new challenges, respond to the latest developments and take control of the future. Are you an ambitious healthcare and welfare professional or manager who wants to develop in leadership and help the organization move forward? And do you want to form a strong vision of the health landscape, with a business and economic foundation? Then the Groningen Executive MBA Health is for you!

Course language: Dutch & English
Start date: September 2021
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