April 22, 2022

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CSF Spotlight

Snapshot from a classroom in a primary school at Kurukshetra, Haryana, where Language and Learning Foundation is working to improve foundational learning outcomes. Print-rich classrooms such as this one help children learn better through interactive methods.

Early Childhood Education and Foundational Learning
Policy and Governance

Senior Project Lead, Classroom Instruction and Practice, Central Square Foundation   
Senior Project Lead, State FLN Projects, Central Square Foundation
Project Lead, State Reform Team, Bhopal, Central Square Foundation 
Project Lead, State Reform Team, Panchkula, Central Square Foundation
Assamese Language Expert, Khan Academy
Bengali Language Expert, Khan Academy 
Multiple Vacancies, Antarang Foundation
Multiple Vacancies, Educational Initiatives 
Program Manager, Rocket Learning

Multiple Vacancies, The Education Alliance
Multiple Vacancies, Vasant Valley School, Delhi
Senior Manager, Curriculum, Global School Leaders
Senior Manager, Curriculum, Alokit
Senior Manager, Government Relations, Teach for India
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Central Square Foundation is a nonprofit organization working with the vision of ensuring quality school education for all children in India. Since 2012, we have been partnering with the government, and ecosystem stakeholders to improve the learning outcomes of children, especially from low-income communities. We are driven by our mission to enable the school education system to adopt solutions that are scalable, sustainable and effective, so that all children get equal access to opportunities needed for leading a better life.
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