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The Art & Adventures of
Kris Weinmann

September 2014

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't loose it."
Robin Williams
Good Day!

I hope this message finds you well.  I've been traveling around a lot the last couple months which is why I haven't published my newsletter in a few weeks.  But now I'm back! 
You may have also noticed the new name for my newsletter "Lost At See".  Thank you to everyone that voted.

In this issue, new photos for the Taking a Seat..? project, Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014 information, a new music project I have been working on and some cool links.

For more information on these projects or just to say hello, feel free to email me anytime at or visit my website.

Taking a Seat...? in Ontario & Calgary

In July I had fly out to Ontario for some family events and took advantage of the trip to get some more photos for my chair project.
The top and right photos were taken in environments that were very much apart of my life as a teenager when I was growing up in Caledon, Ontario. The top photo coming from a location that has taken leaps in deterioration since I had first visited it when I was in high school.  This abandoned hydro electric plant perched atop a waterfall has itself been slowly reclaimed by the land while also becoming popular sanctum for rebellion. The lower photo on the right was taken on the property where I had lived with my family when I was going to highschool and in the same forest where I had taken my first photograph when I was 16.  The forest has since been largely crushed by a major ice storm in 2013 making it virtually impenetrable. One thing I didn't prepare for in both instances was the mosquitoes....we got ambushed.  The lower left photo was taken in Calgary.  This quonset has always caught my attention as I drove by on the nearby highway and felt its vantage point of the slowly advancing suburbs was an intriguing perspective on the transformation of this environment.
With each photo the spirit of the book that will result from this project is slowly taking shape in really exciting ways.

More information on the project and previous photos HERE.
Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014

As you may already be aware I have been working as the Event Manager for Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014
Curated by Wayne Baerwaldt, this years program promises to deliver an amazing range of performance art that will encapsulate, intrigue and inspire. We have artists coming to Calgary from all over the globe to transform downtown Calgary into a living gallery of unique and thought provoking encounters, sounds, environments, installations, characters, creatures and performances.
It has been an amazing experience getting to help organize this event and we hope to deliver yet another historical and memorable evening to the Calgary community that will capture the imagination of Calgary and the world.

For more information on the event, the artists and ways to get involved or support the event please visit

Hope to see you there!
moss a project in music

Music has always played an integral role in who I am and how I work. Almost everyday of my life has some kind of soundtrack to accompany it.  When I'm in the studio late at night I have the music blasting! It gives me a rhythm to work at, helps drive my thought processes and relieves any anxieties that may be present.

About ten years ago I had created a compilation series of this kind of music for myself called "Mossin" that really helped me relax and dream and compliment those "lazy Sundays" at home or around the studio. "Mossin" was an expression my friends and I had adopted to describe this very subdued, cool, calm and relaxed state of being that we enjoyed and so I felt this title captured that state while the music became the soundtrack to compliment those moments.

Just over a year ago when I really began to use my Soundcloud account I began to collect this kind of music again from artists I had been discovering from around the world and building a playlist called "mossin".  Recently that playlist breached 100 songs at almost 8 hours of playing time, and so I have decided to organize/curate these songs into four or five mix compilation albums that I will be calling the "moss" collection.

Over the next four or five months I will be posting one compilation at a time through my newsletter and Soundcloud channel, eventually completing four or five albums. All the tracks will be legally acquired and information behind each of the artists included on these mix-compilations will be included or accessible.

For a sneak preview of the collection that I will be compiling these albums from, you can visit the "Mossin" playlist on my Soundcloud channel here.
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