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The Art & Adventures of
Kris Weinmann

December 2014

"When you get free from certain fixed concepts of the way the world is, you find it is far more subtle, and far more miraculous, than you thought it was."
Alan Watt
Hello Friends!

Can you believe that 2015 is just around the corner!?

2014 was a great year and I had a lot of fun. Did you? Now I'm excited and looking forward to the new year as I have many plans and projects that I will be working on and eventually intend to bring out into the light to share with friends and fans.

Please enjoy this months issue of Lost At See and have a happy, fun and safe holiday season!

There's lots to see and do in this issue:

  • The latest moss compilation album
  • A new service I have decided to start offering
  • The ACAD Squares membership program
  • Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014: The Documentary

For more information on these projects or just to say hello, feel free to email me anytime at or visit my website.

moss : clear-skies

Here it is, the second album in my moss compilation series entitled moss : clear-skies.

My approach to this collection was to bring together music that I feel would make a good compliment to a walk on a beautiful clear day with nowhere to be anytime soon. I listened for music that had bright elements accompanied with a nice steady rhythm that would carry the album through to a warm delightful closing. As with the other albums I am always looking to newer artists that are composing really interesting pieces that have intriguing layering of textures and sounds that come together in a complex, eclectic but cohesive arrangement.

Although I have started each album at the same time it took me close to a year to build the main collection of music (over 100 songs), each album takes me weeks to select and arrange the songs for each album.  I am always being incredibly critical of the songs I include in each album, the artists as well as the sequence in which each track is played in an effort to reach the kind of musical experience I set out to create.

I hope you enjoy this latest album.

Over the next four or five months I will be posting one compilation at a time through my newsletter and Soundcloud channel, eventually completing four or five albums. All the tracks will be legally acquired and information behind each of the artists included on these mix-compilations will be included or accessible.

For the streaming Soundcloud playlist click HERE.
For a seamless mix of this playlist email me directly here.
Previous compilations Include:
moss : awakenings

For a sneak preview of the collection that I will be compiling these albums from, you can visit the "Mossin" playlist on my Soundcloud channel HERE.

Holiday Special!!!!

For a limited time only (December 5 to December 23, 2014), I am taking off 15% (before taxes) off any artwork purchased from the acquire page on my website.  Spoil a loved one or yourself with an intriguing piece of original artwork that is sure to bring years of enjoyment.
Please contact me for details and purchase inquiries.
Click here to have a look
Private Art Mentoring

Beginning pretty much immediately, I am offering private, one-on-one visual art mentoring/coaching/tutoring to anyone in high school and older! Its been an interest of mine to add professional art instruction to my career path in the future especially since working with other artists as well as middle school and high school students.  Those experiences helping young artists discover, develop and embrace their talents was always rewarding.  My hope is to help individuals with an interest in advancing their skills as an artist through personalized programs that we can develop and work through in the comfort of their own home or studio.

For more information please visit my ads:
Kijiji Here or
Meetatutor Here

Having spent the last year or so on the committee behind this fantastic program I can honestly say that it provides incredibly memorable, intimate and exciting experiences for its members while supporting some of what I personally see as essential programs for ACAD students. ACAD Squares provides a unique opportunity to bring together supporters, students and faculty at ACAD in a supportive environment to provide networking and learning opportunities.
ACAD Squares, at its core, is really about facilitating the exchange of ideas:
  • Support from ACAD Squares members allows students and faculty to partake in travel opportunities to broaden their experience and knowledge and bring those learnings back to the ACAD community;
  • ACAD Squares further support a visiting artist program that brings talented and acclaimed artists to ACAD to bring their knowledge and regional, national or international experience directly to the ACAD Community. Whenever possible, we work to create opportunities for ACAD Squares members to also enjoy these visiting artist opportunities.
  • Most importantly, ACAD Squares members get to meet and mingle with students and faculty at most events (except a few exclusive events strictly for the Founder, Corporate and Ambassador levels, where members receive other exclusive benefits).
For more information click HERE
or contact
Method to Madness 10th Anniversary Edition Prints

In 2003 I set off in search of myself. After selling off the majority of my things in late 2013, I left home to travel the world bringing only a backpack of clothes, a crate of records and my sketchbooks. I let the music and my art guide me most of the way and in 2004 I came to identify the whole event as the first Method to Madness project that resulted in a variety of recorded DJ performances and a written journal illustrated with surreal but symbolic illustrations of my life and perspectives at the time.  I came home two years later feeling profoundly transformed by the experiences that I had around the world in places like New Zealand, Australia, and a variety of cities around the globe. It was on this trip that art became my guiding force.

To celebrate those events and that first Method to Madness project I will be making limited edition anniversary silkscreen prints (apprx 20"x30") of 5-10 of the illustrations I made during my travels.
I am also planning on showing these prints and some of the originals in the new year. More info and detailed images coming soon. (Click image above for preview of collection)  Contact me for more info
The Nuit Blanche Calgary 2014, The Documentary

Directed by Lewis Liski, Long Story Films

This documentary adds yet another amazing layer to an already fantastic event, especially if you were there.  Over the course of the last few months Lewis and his team have been forging this video into the true document it is, capturing the artists, ideas and events surrounding NBC 2014.  Make sure you take some time to have a look.

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