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Kris Weinmann's Art Newsletter: May 2014

"Sometimes you don't know why your doing something. Your intuitively following, to see where it leads." Edward Burtynsky

What happened to April?! It was just there and now its gone!
Just another sign that things were as busy as ever. 

Last months panel talks at the Umbrella Arts Conference went really well.  Met some new people and had some really valuable discussions around personal, financial and community health within the arts. I hope The Untitled Arts Society and the Elephant Artists Relief will pull another one together sometime in the near future, some good things and can come out of it.

I also spent some time in the studio working on three new pieces for a series I am calling A Manufactured Landscape. I was graciously invited to install this new work at the new wine shop Vine Styles at 1127B Kensington Rd NW along side another recent work Echoes of Impact..? (2013). Be sure to stop by Vine Styles to explore the shelves and see the work.

But most recently, I am really flattered and honored to say that I am one of three people to have been selected to receive the 2014 Alberta College of Art and Design Alumni Horizon Award! An award that recognizes one's commitment to arts and culture in the community, to the ACAD community and to growing a successful art practice.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to my nomination and subsequent selection, I couldn't have done it without your influence and support.

"A Manufactured Landscape..?"

1) A Manufactured Landscape: Horizon..?
Charcoal, Rust & Acrylic on Aluminum, 24" x 24"
2) A Manufactured Landscape: Canal..?
Charcoal, Rust & Acrylic on Aluminum, 24" x 24"
3) A Manufactured Landscape: Colony..?
Charcoal, Rust & Acrylic on Aluminum, 24" x 24"

Reception for this work will be June 7, 2014 at Vine Styles (1127B Kensington Rd NW)  from 4PM - 6PM.  Hope to see you there!

With a title inspired by Edward Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes project, this work is an extension of the piece A Manufactured Landscape..? a 3ft by 4ft drawing that I produced in 2011 that was a meditation on the concept of "the landscape" as a context for perception.  To me this work represents a system of elements that provide the framework reinforcing our perception and sense of place.  Each piece's title indicates a location inspired by its layers of materials and textures articulating a landscape as it may exist  psychological, technological and geographically simultaneously. By binding the way a "landscape" can exist in these different states as marked material and textural layers, not only does the elegant complexity of how we construct a sense of space emerge but also does the countless factors that are a the whim of so many variables informing our perception of the landscapes that we occupy, navigate and except.  As I worked through the process behind these pieces I couldn't help but reflect and chuckle at the brilliance of an old friends expression "Whatever dude it's your world, I'm just passing through".  If this work does one thing for me it reveals how elastic our "landscape" actually is.

All of these pieces are currently available for purchase.  Please email me for more info, or visit my website here.
A Winter Surrealscape

I came to the studio one morning to find this unbelievable landscape that the weather had helped to sculpt.
  This little event for me was quite profound in that it really echoed the kinds of surreal landscapes I generated when I was younger as I imagined a world of my own (see HERE).  To see this, kind-of blew my mind and revealed some opportunities for some future work.  Stay tuned!
P.S. Take a good look because these are going away into storage for a while until I can find a new home for them
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