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Novermber 2014

"A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories"
Andy Goldsworthy

I hope this message finds you well.  With the demands of helping to organize NBC 2014 behind me I now have more time to focus on my own projects. Over the last couple weeks I've spent more time on the moss compilation albums.  This has taken more time than expected but I am being really critical about how I am curating these albums. I am very excited for the first release moss:rising.

My colleagues Lindsay Falk, Becky McMaster and I have also begun our search for the next venue for another independent art exhibition much like our previous show Open Concept. If you or someone you might know is aware of some space (2500Sqft or more) that could be converted into a temporary gallery please send me an email.

In this issue, new photos for the Taking a Seat..? project, Limited Edition Prints, a new music project I have been working on and some cool links.

For more information on these projects or just to say hello, feel free to email me anytime at or visit my website.

Taking a Seat...? in the Rockies

In the middle of October I snuck away for a day into the Rockies and headed to the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park for another day of shooting for my book project Taking a Seat..?. I visited areas of the park devistated by this past summers wild fires and concluded at the Athabasca glacier. I first stopped where Icefields Pkwy meets David Thompson Pkwy and the Saskatchewan River.  It was here that I was able to walk right into an area devastated by the wildfires of the summer of 2014. Once I was into the incinerated forest I found myself tracking through ash that was ankle deep at times to find locations I liked for the photographs.

From that site I drove up the highway to the Athabasca Glacier.  Here the weather was a lot less ideal with cold wind and rain.  I was one of maybe five people in the area visiting the glacier but I had to track in close to a kilometer to get to the areas I wanted to shoot, chair and camera in hand. Conditions were in constant flux which allowed for some interesting photos but a constant challenge of keeping the camera and lenses dry, having to wipe water drops off the lense between each photo.

Overall it was a truly fullfilling day to be out there capturing these images, I have lots to choose from for the book.

More information on the project and previous photos HERE.
tumblr link
Method to Madness 10th Anniversary Edition Prints

In 2003 I set off in search of myself. After selling off the majority of my things in late 2013, I left home to travel the world bringing only a backpack of clothes, a crate of records and my sketchbooks. I let the music and my art guide me most of the way and in 2004 I came to identify the whole event as the first Method to Madness project that resulted in a variety of recorded DJ performances and a written journal illustrated with surreal but symbolic illustrations of my life and perspectives at the time.  I came home two years later feeling profoundly transformed by the experiences that I had around the world in places like New Zealand, Australia, and a variety of cities around the globe. It was on this trip that art became my guiding force.

To celebrate those events and that first Method to Madness project I will be making limited edition anniversary silkscreen prints (apprx 20"x30") of 5-10 of the illustrations I made during my travels. I hope have these prints available for purchase in the next month or so
. I am also planning on showing these prints and some of the originals in the new year. More info and detailed images coming soon. Contact me for more info
moss : awakenings

About ten years ago I had created a playlist of music for myself called "Mossin" that really helped me relax and dream while also complimenting those "lazy Sundays" at home or around the studio.

This first mix album moss : awakenings is a collection of music that provides a gradual awakening over the course of the album. I set out to musically embody the moment one begins to open their eyes on the morning of a day with nothing to do. Through curating a gradual cascade of atmospheric, awakening and various rhythmic compositions I tried to walk a line that initially makes it hard to get out of bed, eventually providing opportunities where I provide the energy to allow your feet to leave the covers and land at the bedside to begin the day.

Aside from my long appreciation for this music, I also hoped to present a series of artists that I have come across over the past year that I feel are making some fascinating compositions through traditional instruments, electronic as well as mixed media that I hope will be new discoveries to listeners.

Over the next four or five months I will be posting one compilation at a time through my newsletter and Soundcloud channel, eventually completing four or five albums. All the tracks will be legally acquired and information behind each of the artists included on these mix-compilations will be included or accessible.

For the streaming Soundcloud playlist click here.
For a seamless mix of this playlist email me directly here.

For a sneak preview of the collection that I will be compiling these albums from, you can visit the "Mossin" playlist on my Soundcloud channel here.
Here are some links to some interesting things I've come across online:
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