Say What?!?

Too many times I have had the experience of being in a room where researchers or data scientists are talking about their results or methods in words that are not really understandable or meaningful to the rest of the room. Sometimes this is necessary as the situation is truly technical, but a lot of the time the use of complicated jargon can be a defence mechanism or an unnecessary status move. It's possible to talk about data in words that are digestible and relevant when we actually want to.

This month we're fulfilling a decades-long dream of mine; with the release of our online Data Speak Decoder. 

We've identified three types of data speak decoding: technical terms that are useful explained in a non-technical way, data terms that are needlessly confusing which usually have plainer or more specific alternatives, and lastly data terms with multiple meanings which can cause misunderstanding.

We're just starting to build the decoder and would love your help choosing the next terms to decode.

Find the Decoder here.

We've officially released our in-person workshop schedule for the first half of the year. If you can join us at any of these full-day public hands-on workshops, please do. You'll find all the details here. Online workshop release dates are coming soon.

The dates so far are:
Washington DC - Tuesday, April 7th
Manhattan, NY - Thursday, April 9th
Boston, MA - Thursday, April 30th
San Francisco, CA - Thursday, June 4th
"Philanthropy, honey, it's time for an intervention."
Join award-winning author Edgar Villanueva for an eye-opening online chat and conversation about his book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. Register here. (Price is $25 for non-members).
Data Amnesty Salon is February 11th
Got questions about data that you're too embarrassed to ask? Find yourself wondering what a word you're seeing a lot in the data reports you're getting actually means? We've got you.

The Data Amnesty Salon is back.
We'll be live on Tuesday, February 11th 11am Eastern Time.

This month we have a much-improved registration process. (Still free, of course, but now you'll get reminders!) 

Submit an anonymous question here.

When I was a kid, one of the most important dates circled on my calendar was Amnesty Day at my local library. On these days, I could return my mountain of overdue books and have the late fees forgiven. Data Science needs a place to offer the same opportunity to learn from our mistakes without penalties or judgement. 

The We All Count Data Amnesty Salons are a place to share anonymous stories about what went wrong in your data projects, alert people to mistakes you’ve made in the past, and ask questions you might be embarrassed about. They are a judgement-free zone where we can all improve together.

Hosted by Heather Krause, the Salons are live-streamed and you can submit stories and questions in advance via our anonymous link (above) or by emailing Heather; or you can join the live discussion on the day! Unless your mistake is, like, career-endingly bad, in which case we DEFINITELY want to hear it, but I’d submit it anonymously. The best (and by best we mean worst) data gaff of each salon goes in the Data Amnesty Hall of Fame – a place to celebrate the difficulty and frequent absurdity of the world of Data Science. It’s part of our commitment to Demystify, Democratize and Demonstrate Data for Equity.

We're looking for equity problems and successes.

If you have a story or idea you want to share, send me a note by replying to this email.

Project for Equity in Data Science
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