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September 2, 2021
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Ralph Lauren selling its iconic look in a virtual world

The animated 3D avatars of 200 million people interact with each other in the virtual world of Zepeto. Now they can impress one another by wearing classic apparel from Ralph Lauren at a fraction of the real-world cost. The iconic brand is the latest big name to set up shop in the metaverse of various virtual worlds. Ralph Lauren isn’t just selling products but also creating virtual experiences for customers in digital versions of its flagship Madison Avenue store, Central Park, and other places. Chief among the goals: attract and engage younger consumers.

Gap Inc. goes big for 3D virtual try-on of clothes

In the June edition of NewsBytes, we concluded that virtual try-on of clothes was finally, after many years, gaining traction. The occasion was Walmart acquiring a startup with fit technology. It looks like we read the tea leaves correctly: Gap Inc. is buying Drapr, a company that lets shoppers see how different size clothes look in 3D on avatars with their body measurements. Gap. Inc. plans to provide the service to customers of its brands, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. Drapr says its platform reduces returns by 26%. 

Vietnam’s covid lockdowns intensify supply chain woes

Lingering supply chain disruptions just became worse, and shoppers may see shortages of certain clothes. The cause? Strict lockdowns in Vietnam to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some major U.S. brands —  including Nike, Gap, Athletica, and Urban Outfitters —  rely on Vietnam for production of apparel and footwear. Urban Outfitters is starting to limit offerings of some sizes of dresses and tops. The full impact may not be felt for months because companies place orders far in advance.

Working with 3D prints, graphics now easier and faster

We’ve recently made fashion designers, graphic artists, merchandisers, and others very happy. Recent updates to our web-based Orchids platform for collaboratively creating apparel in 3D make working with prints and graphics easier and faster than ever before. Now prints and graphics can be dragged and dropped, scaled, and rotated. Print and graphic sets also can be added in bulk to a product, making setup and repeatability faster. Users without specialized skills can quickly master the features and create many product variants. Learn more on our blog. Contact us for a demo. The platform is in limited beta access.

See it in action!

Browzwear, a pioneer in developing 3D apparel design, seeks to double its business and triple its workforce with $35 million in funding. The news comes as the industry’s accelerated pace of investment in digital technology remains high.



Adidas has a buyer for Reebok. It’s Authentic Brands Group, which will pay $2.5 billion for the company, adding to its portfolio of 30-plus brands. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, a longtime Reebok partner, played a key role in the purchase.


Trove Recommerce, which enables brands to tap into what’s been called the resale gold rush, has raised $77.5 million. Levi's and Patagonia are among nine companies using Trove’s online platform to sell used goods — one million last year.

In 3D product development, one can take 30 percent of the time out of the development process. What used to be twelve weeks becomes eight — that's absolutely feasible.
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— Hans-Peter Hiemer, managing director, Assyst

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