March 5, 2020

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Making 3D engagement the 'new norm' for digital commerce

"Online shopping is morphing from two dimensions into three," Sourcing Journal says in an article about the growing number of innovative companies "working to make 3D engagement the new norm for digital commerce." Highlighted is Los Angeles-based Vntana, best-known for beaming holograms to events for big brands. Now Vntana has branched out, creating interactive 3D views of apparel and footwear for virtual try-on and product prototyping to gauge consumer interest before committing to new concepts. Embodee and four other companies are also listed as innovators in 3D e-commerce, product visualization, and augmented reality. (Subscription needed for full article.)

New group wants circularity to solve huge textile waste problem

This photo represents a tiny slice of the 15 million tons of textile industry waste piling up in U.S. landfills annually. Enough is enough, says the Textile Exchange's Accelerating Circularity Project. The project's working group wants to shift from the linear take-make-waste industrial model to circularity, which is based on designing waste and pollution out of production processes and keeps products and materials in use. With financial help from the Walmart Foundation, Gap Inc., Target, and VF Corp., the group first will focus on "researching, mapping, and identifying opportunities to pilot circular supply chains." The goal: find ways to recycle cotton, viscose, and polyester textile waste. More details.

Smart athletic clothes tell you how to improve performance
Imagine engaging in your favorite sport, and your clothes give you tips on how to improve your performance. SportTechie presents an intriguing scenario: wearing a Nike-branded Tiger Woods shirt, you line up for a golf shot, pause, and hear Wood's voice suggest a stroke change. That's the vision of startup Asensei. It wants to make your clothes a personal coach. Sensors woven into the clothes analyze how you swing a golf club, run, lift weights, or tackle other athletic endeavors, producing real-time feedback. Asensei's first smart garments ship this month. Competitors are also scrambling for a foothold in the $30 billion health and fitness industry. No virtual high fives on the horizon, yet.
Jacket fabric warms or cools based on temperature

It's a wintry day. You're running errands. Entering a building, you know your jacket automatically will change shape and shed warmth. Its insulating powers will return when you venture outside again. There’s no battery-powered thermostat, heating element, or wires controlling the temperature. The secret sauce in the Skyscrape jacket is simple but complex: the yarn. "The yarn was structured to have an exaggerated response to temperature, so it expands or contracts a lot when the temperature changes," says CEO and founder Brent Ridley. Exposed to cold, the flat fabric expands slightly and bends into waves, like corrugated cardboard, and the resulting air pockets insulate the body. Fast Company has the details.
Mountain of data doesn’t lie: consumers 'now calling the shots'

When Shopify speaks, the retail world should listen. The e-commerce platform, second largest in the U.S. and flush with one million retail partners in 175 countries, sits atop a mountain of data. Some of it underpins the company's new fashion industry report. Business of Fashion has summarized and analyzed the report, including identifying a top threat: "In the new age of commerce, consumers are calling the shots." With brand loyalty waning, not making the customer's needs a priority threatens fashion retailers still mired in methods of outdated commerce. Adapting means, among other things, providing what customers demand, foremost a seamless shopping experience online and offline. Find many more details here, including an additional threat plus opportunities. Want the complete report? Request it.

Embodee among prominent firms in soaring visualization market

Embodee is among 13 companies singled out as prominent firms in the global market for visualization and 3D rendering software. Credence Research predicts that the market's value will balloon to nearly UDA $3.5 billion by 2027. Two years ago the value was $970.5 million. Among the companies listed with Embodee are Autodesk, Corel, NVIDIA, SAP, and Siemens. Embodee's 3D visualization solutions enable fashion brands and retailers to give customers an immersive visual interaction with apparel, footwear, and other products as they customize and personalize them. Learn more.
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