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01 April 2021

Dear Bothmer Gymnast,

We wish you a very happy Easter!

The trustees
How real is reality?

 Anna is sitting on a chair, opens her eyes and says: "I have just done the « Fall to the point» intensively and then walked safely and strongly through the resistance." Those, who are present, assure her: "We have been waiting for you to start practicing properly."
"We live in the age of neo-existentialism," proclaim major contemporary philosophers. What is and what appears to be are both realities. For the past 2500 years, the division line has only existed in our heads. Fake news and real news are both realities. (Prof Marcel Gabriel)
“The dualism of body and soul is just as real as the wave-particle dualism of the smallest parts (including light). There is a universal quantum code in which all appearances are integrated and which extends over the entire cosmos. " This is the conclusion of the multiple award-winning physicist, Prof Dr Hans-Peter Dürr.
Anna was practicing Bothmer Gymnastics spiritually. For others doing Bothmer Gymnastics (only) physically is the “real” way to do bothmer. Obviously science has a different opinion.
In a book I used the division by zero (which to this is day still “forbidden”) to show how everything beyond the existential is not real, but really (Das WUNDER des NICHTS / Verlag Schweizer Literaturgesellschaft; available in bookshops). Anna really executed the Bothmer exercise; she really experienced walking through resistance, even though she did not do the exercise in the physical reality.
For a while now I have been applying the principles of Bothmer Gymnastics in my work with the elderly. The bent back of 98-year-old Albert causes his head to hang so low that it almost rests on his sternum. This position cannot be changed physically. But if he is able to open himself inwardly to the surrounding forces, something comes towards him that helps him to straighten up. The setsquare of the physiotherapist and of the doctor does not show any real change. But Albert feels really uplifted.
At the moment I cannot continue working with Albert and Anna and the others who are now locked away in a protected environment. Without corona vaccination, there is no legitimacy for interaction with the elderly. Until I have found a new way to get to them without the vaccination, I focus more and more on the spiritual Bothmer: For example, I go to all the prisons of the world, where people, who are threatened with torture and death, are fighting with good will (Michaelic quality) for justice, freedom, human dignity; whose backs may have become unsteady and their hearts are bleeding because of the violent marionettes of the shadow forces. I do bothmer with them, take them with me into the “fall” and into the “growing expanse”, send peripheral and central forces to them. Not real, but really.
Good Friday and Easter are near. Jesus neither will die again this year in reality nor rise spectacularly, and the prisoners and those who suffer will probably not experience a real miracle either. But the one, who really dies in Christ, will experience his resurrection and will encounter the resurrection in him miraculously.
It seems to me that time challenges us to learn to walk on water, to learn to do Bothmer on water. Everything is in motion: what is valid and what upholds today is no longer valid tomorrow and the rug is constantly being pulled from under our feet. Can we find the strength in our own centre and can we strengthen it with Bothmer? With the actively engaged forces of the heart facing the earth and the creation, the courageous and free soul present and guidance of the spiritual world?
The next century of Bothmer gymnastics will mostly depend on one hand on whether we succeed in protecting the real truth-forces of the body on the earth, and, on the other hand, whether we are able to really develop a spiritual life for functioning in the virtual so-called reality and cloud; a spiritual life that is alive, truer, better, more beautiful and consequently stronger and more effective than fake news and algorithms. Bothmer gymnastics unescorted does not work; it is an antinomy, it is mechanical gymnastics without connection to the forces of the periphery. With our connection to the spiritual world, however, we can not only learn to walk on water (being held from the periphery with a supporting centre), but we can also do Bothmer gymnastics with and for those people with whom we are not able to engage in a real encounter. Praying means giving everything. The Bothmer exercises offer themselves as «prayers that sculpt the straightening forces».
Why do all Muslims turn when praying, towards Mecca – towards a common point in space? It is the Islam's awareness and cultivation of a global force field beyond the personal centre. What would happen, if we, Bothmer gymnasts, in our consciousness and in our perception of the unique, personal position but collective centre of the Earth, practice- in place and time individually- the conjointly height, width originating from the warm and bright centre of the heart (the Inner Sun), as well as from the consciousness of the forces of the periphery and the One Sun of creation and humanity beyond the personal? Rudolf Steiner calls this path of warm Will, which leads from the sensual world back to the experience of the extra sensory world, the Christian-Rosicrucian path.
Happy Easter!

Catrin Albonico
International Summer Intensive 2021
The international Bothmer summer intensive is still planned from July 26th to August 1st in Polička, Czech Republic.
However, the situation remains unpredictable and it is impossible to know how the pandemic, the rules and regulations will affect our lives in a few months.
We hope that the summer intensive will take place, but everything is still uncertain. We will inform you about our decision in a timely manner.
Thank you for your understanding!


  • International Summer Intensive 2021, Polička, Czech Republic,
    26. July 2021- 01. August 2021

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