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October  2020

Dear Bothmer Gymnast,

The days are getting shorter, the sunshine gifts us beautiful colours and entertains us with unusual angles of light, the acorns and chestnuts are making music by falling onto the grass, the pavement, the cars. It is autumn. Nature goes on as usual, while most of the world is still struggling with the current situation and we are trying to adjust our life and work to the unusual circumstances. 
We are also trying to find old and news ways for meeting with each other and for experiencing the joy of movement.
We are going ahead (at least that is the plan, as of today) with the autumn conference in Berlin, so if you haven’t signed up yet, now it is the time to do so! (details below)
Wishing you a joy-filled October and hope to see you in Berlin,
Bothmer Autumn Conference 23 - 25 October 2020
in the Waldorf School Märkisches Viertel, Berlin

Bothmer ®  Organic Movement
with Martin Baker and Stephan Thilo
What is organic movement and how can we use this principle in our work and in our life? 
We are using the word organic to describe something that is in keeping with our being. It is used to describe something constructive, healthy and in our case, using the body in a positive way. Perhaps we choose to eat organic food; food which is grown in such a way as to be closer to its natural existence. Accordingly, with organic movement we try to get closer to a natural movement that is most likely to generate health and helps us to move in accordance with our body. We suggest we can learn to move more organically by examining the qualities and movements of the four bodies and thus understand what is natural, harmonious and healthy.

All-inclusive fee for bmi members195 €
Regular fall-inclusive fee  (for non-members): 215 €
Registration deadline: October 12. 2020
Please register here

If you have any questions or would like to recive a flyer with all details, please write to Krisztina

Autumn 2020


Start of the second year of the Bothmer Training Kassel 
After the involuntarily extended Bothmer Foundation Year in Kassel, which will end now in October, it is now clear that a second year of training will take place. The second year of the training  will start in November, with the weekend 13 -15 November 2020. Since it is in a certain way a “new start”, this is also a good opportunity for people with previous experience to join in. If you are interested, please contact me.
The course is still open to those who have already been trained and want to refresh their knowledge. The next dates are: 16 -18 October / 13 -15 November / 4 - 6 December / 15-17 January 2021.
All other dates are also available at: . For all further questions, I look forward to hearing from you:
Adrian Constantinescu:

News from the "Video Workshop"

In a previous newsletter I have already mentioned that   I am working on  some Bothmer videos. I have come this far - here are some impressions:

These videos can be shared. I welcome your feedback as to whether these videos are helpful for spreading Bothmer gymnastics. If someone, like me, is interested in this work, I would be happy to get in touch. I have further ideas for short videos, for example with several people doing the movement.

Warm greetings,
Online Offers
Dear friends, 
I hope this message finds you well in these unusual times. We continue to seek out new ways of connecting, sharing and working together. I'd like to share the following:
1. Bothmer Movement at The Embodiment Conference
2. Hand-clapping games course trial at Bothmer Movement Online
3. Space to Respond - 7 day challenge 
4. Morning movement 
1. The Embodiment Conference
I want to let you know about an upcoming event in the field of movement and embodiment. The Embodiment Conference takes place online from 14th-25th October 2020, featuring 1000+ presenters and 300,000+ delegates. A promotional video is here. You can sign up for free access to the conference here
I’m doing a session at the Embodiment Conference on Wednesday 21st October at 10am UK time (for the description, please read below)
Please note that this conference is about ‘Embodiment’ in the sense of a wide range of practices, which involve the body. This is different to the specific practice of Embodiment as taught by Birte Kjaer at the Bernard Lievegoed Institute in Hamburg. 
Re-connecting through our hands after Covid-19  (Course description)
The hands are fundamental in human development, integrating the physiological, cognitive and emotional aspects of our being. Over the past six months our hand interaction has been severely disrupted, potentially impacting upon our relationships and our own sense of embodiment. These effects may be most profound for children, who may not be able to fully comprehend the sudden loss of touch in their lives. Parents and embodiment teachers can take a proactive approach in re-connecting children with their hands.  
 Through this session I'm hoping to raise awareness of Bothmer Movement as well as activities such as hand-clapping games. It would be so lovely to see some of you there! 
2. New course in development: “Pedagogical use of hand-clapping games through the Grades“ at Bothmer Movement Online.
I have started developing an online course to provide some structure to the hand games which I’ve been working with over the past two years. I’d like to offer this as a gift to all participants on a Bothmer Course and all Bothmer postgraduates. (Also) This is very much a work in progress so I’d welcome any feedback around how it could be developed as well as contributions of other activities. I know that there is a wealth of experience in our community. After some updates (later) you'll be able to share ideas and developments in the 'community' section of the platform, and have conversations about the activities in this special space.  
You can access the course at:
And then you can enter the coupon code ‘HANDBASSADOR’  
This will give your free access. 
3. Susan Kelly’s "Space to Respond" 
I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you of Susan Kelly's "Space to Respond" 7-day postural awareness challenge, which is currently available on the new Bothmer Movement Online hub. When you sign up you can access some (really) interesting conversations from our community, responses from people who are doing the activities in the challenge. 
4. Morning movement
The morning movement initiated by Katie Brayne continues after the summer break. The time is now one hour earlier, to enable more people to join before work/school. 7am UK (8am CET). Please note, Katie is traveling through Europe at the moment. It is possible that some days she will not be able to lead/join, but the zoom room is always open for everyone to gather and move together anyway. It's a lovely way to connect to Bothmer friends through movement. 
The link remains the same for the meeting and the password is BOTHMER (Meeting ID: 996 789 666):
When Katie is leading, those sessions will also be streamed Live on YouTube, making the session easier to access and, of course, so you can catch the replay if you can't make it Live. The link for YouTube is here

Thank you for taking the time to read and wishing you all good health and wellbeing
Best wishes,
100 years of anthroposophic medicine

The celebratory conference of 100 years anthroposophic medicine took place 12-14 September in Dornach at the Goetheanum! Unfortunately, people from several countries could not come because of the pandemics, but there were still around 700 people present and parallel conferences in 40 countries were taking place at the same time. It was incredibly nice to see these people, who all work together and carry the impulse of anthroposophic medicine into the world. It was particularly gratifying to see that so many young people are involved with anthroposophy.
The theme of the conference was: “Crossing Bridges-Being Human!" The main themes were freedom, love and wisdom.

This time the organizers wanted the working groups to be interdisciplinary and cross generational and, as fate would have it, I was allowed to lead a group together with a representative of Spacial Dynamics. The theme that our group worked on was: “The human uprightness as a bridge to wholeness and health.” This theme helped us to experience how the dynamics and currents, which play around the human being, work. In the radiance of Bothmer gymnastics, this energy could be led to an upright position, so that the human being forms a bridge between the physical world and the cosmos. It was an interesting collaboration. It was especially interesting to see how two different movement disciplines, both working with the surrounding space, deal with movement.
I experienced again how necessary and liberating it is for people to move in a playful and joyful way.
There were eight trained Bothmer gymnasts at the conference: Anita, Jessie, Jan, Linda, Katie, Jane, Stephan and me.
Jessie and Linda led the morning class, to get people going in the morning
“14-16 enthusiastic doctors and therapists took part in the morning Bothmer gymnastics classes every day, most of them without any previous Bothmer experience. The people enjoyed the space that the Bothmer gymnastics offered them and even some “elderly doctors” felt better in their balance and mobility after the morning class. Throughout the week we had the opportunity to use Bothmer Movement to open a gate to a hidden world in order to let the participants feel the elementary forces of the space around us. The new attention to these spatial experiences led the participants to a finer quality of relationship with themselves, with their personal space and with each other. The bridge between people became alive in space. “ (Linda & Jessie)
Jane and Stephan led a group, whose worked was aimed at deepening the content of the morning lectures. The themes were freedom, love and wisdom in movement- therapy.
On the last evening, during the Open Stage, Katie was the last contributor of the evening, standing on the huge stage of the Goetheanum and did the cross exercise. With her radiant movement she not only filled the whole stage, but also the whole hall. It was a wonderful moment, you could have heard a pin drop.
It became even clearer to me that Bothmer gymnastics is an essential part of the anthroposophical movement. It still has a lot of potential and perspective; also in medicine! We just need to keep working on it, working with it and seize the possibilities.

Elja Thilo


  • Bothmer Autumn Conference, „Organic Movement with Martin Baker and Stephan Thilo"   23 -25 October 2020, in Berlin, in the  Waldorf School Märkisches Viertel. If you haven't received the flyer yet, please contact Krisztina. Please register here
  • International Summer Intensive 2021, Polička, Czech Republic,
    26. July 2021- 01. August 2021

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