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 19 February 2021

Dear Bothmer Gymnast,

 Planning, looking into the future and trying to perceive what the world needs from us is a wonderful activity in these times.
Every week we dive deeper and deeper into the preparations of the Bothmer 100 birthday-festival. And the closer it gets, the more we realize how necessary the community is. A birthday celebration, a big event, without the community is not only impossible, it is also not needed.
Let's do it together, let’s do it for everyone! We need your support!
Bothmer moves the world
This could be the title of the 100-year anniversary celebration, which will take place during the summer intensive in 2022.
We learned a few things in the last Bothmer News from Stephan’s and Marc’s articles about the history of the movement.
The ORGA(nisational) Team of Bothmer 100 is planning a celebratory weekend, filled with impulses for the future of Bothmer gymnastics. We have already reported on our work several times in the Bothmer News and the ideas are slowly taking shape and are becoming more concrete. We would like to invite you to be part of the planning process. We need specialists, who would gladly join the work of planning and organising; for example in advertising, collecting ideas, for sponsoring, in the organization, etc.
Linda, Eric and Elja specify in their contributions below in which areas help and ideas are needed.
It is already clear that we will be celebrating during the summer intensive 2022. At the end of the week, there will be a festival weekend with contributions from the past, the present and the future.
Elja will keep you updated and will post the current status of the planning process on the bmi website starting March 2021.
Please contact us if you have any wishes, ideas and / or design ideas.
Gudrun Rehberg


Bothmer100 will be a special event. The preparation of the anniversary is filled with joy and enthusiasm from our side. However, we also would love to have your contributions!

1. As already presented in one of the last newsletters, we are excited about the idea of ​​putting together a Festschrift Bothmer100.
A festschrift is a unique opportunity to look at Bothmer gymnastics: where did it come from, what happened over the years, where is it now, what does Bothmer gymnastics bring to the world?
We would like to ask you to remember and describe a special event or experience and what it did to you. It could be a specific Bothmer exercise or a part of an exercise that you have repeatedly practiced, because that was what was needed in your life. Or maybe you had a special experience while doing gymnastics together with others: doesn’t matter whether it happened in the Bothmer School in Stuttgart, on one of the bmi training courses or in other fields, such as therapy or drama where Bothmer gymnastics and its movement principles played a role.
We should always keep in mind, that a community radiates a force, which ensures that one learns a lot more from struggling together with the others in the community, than alone. That is why a group is a perfect learning community and Bothmer gymnastics has a special force when man and world encounter each other.
2. Please, send me your pictures and testimonials digitally; describe when, where and with whom (which group) it took place! The photos and reports will be sorted and presented following a timeline.
3. This Festschrift will probably only appear digitally. A Festschrift as a magazine would be nice, but it also involves financial risks. The Festschrift will be presented at the festival weekend.
Don't hesitate; send your contribution to us!
Greetings from Berlin,
Eric van Wijnen
Workshops at the anniversary weekend

1,5 years before the 100 year anniversary of Bothmer Gymnastics, we would like to invite you to be actively involved in the preparation of the Anniversary Weekend.
Beside several activities, we are planning to offer Workshops as well …but this time in a unique way!
We offer the possibility to prepare for this celebration actively and to build a Workshop Group, developing a topic what you, as a group, will present and lead.
Our idea:
  1. Choose a field where Bothmer Gymnastics is nowadays present and choose a theme you are the most connected with.
  2. Those Bothmer Gymnasts, who are interested in similar topics can join in a group to create a workshop together.
  3. In 2022, during the Anniversary Weekend each Workshop Group will be given a room to share their working-process with the participants and to lead a workshop.
  4. Please let your Bothmer-imagination fly free to make a new step into the Bothmer- future!
Workshop Groups to choose from:
  • Education/School sport/Games/Olympic Games
  • Therapy
  • Self Education/ Self Healing
  • Drama/Art
  • Recreational Sport/Competitive Sport
  • Adult Education
  • Nature
  • Bothmer Exercises
What to do:
If you feel inspired, do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you to coordinate this Workshop – Project.
Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions to this Project till end of March 2021.
Linda Kiss
We want to put in lots of work into the 100th anniversary! ... and that costs money. Therefore we are looking for you or for someone you know, who has the time and the zest to look for funding, apply for grants, find sponsors and so on. I know that sounds like a huge task at first, but with a little know-how and our support, it's not rocket science. We need someone who can handle this responsibly. We are aware that it is not a small task and that it takes some time, so we want to reward this work. If that is you or if you know someone, contact us!
Elja Thilo
We are all Bothmer gymnasts and together we can shape this great event in such a way that the world will notice it.
We look forward to your mails! You can reach us at:  Gudrun Rehberg Eric van Wijnen  Linda Kiss  Elja Thilo
International Summer Intensive 2021
The international Bothmer summer intensive is still planned from July 26th to August 1st in Polička, Czech Republic.
However, the situation remains unpredictable and it is impossible to know how the pandemic, the rules and regulations will affect our lives in a few months.
We hope that the summer intensive will take place, but everything is still uncertain. We will inform you about our decision in a timely manner.
Thanks for your understanding!


  • International Summer Intensive 2021, Polička, Czech Republic,
    26. July 2021- 01. August 2021

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