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05 March 2021

Dear Bothmer Gymnast,

We wish you a sunshine filled March!

The trustees
The Russian training is in its fourth year
This year another Bothmer course is going to complete its training in Moscow.
The 4th year of the training should have actually started last autumn. However, because of the pandemic, we did not manage to finish the 3rd year of training in May 2020. Because of the delays we only got there at the end of October.
And then in January we started the 4th year of training! Unfortunately, two students, who live abroad (in the Ukraine and in Latvia),  were missing. Despite all the restrictions, we do continue to work.
The eight days of the intensive week were very fast gone, but they were full of content: exercises and games, acrobatics and juggling, drawing and clay modelling. We also offered a four-day course to our postgraduates, who worked and practiced a lot together during this course.
When the intensive week ended, one of the participants wrote the following remark in the course chat:
The winter intensive week, where we engaged in Bothmer gymnastics, art and anatomy and tackled pedagogical tasks, is already over. And thus we reached a new level of development, not only as a Bothmer gymnast, but also as a leader, colleague and as an educator. There have been so many questions and answers about the games for all ages, so much new experience brought in and shared by colleagues and teachers! This exchange was unique and will never be repeated ...  A change took place and we will be now different.
How interesting it was to discover the principles of human development through the metamorphoses of the skeleton, which also have their reflection in the psychological development of the human being...
Our lessons with children will undoubtedly change; there will be depth, intuition and wholeness. At a glance it all seems to be superficial, but by immersing into this experience with one's whole being, one actually gets real grasp of the art of education…
It is so astonishing that this training of Bothmer teachers has already been going on for almost 4 years! It seems to me that only yesterday I didn't know anything about the age-appropriate development of schoolchildren and how the physical becomes entangled with the spiritual.
For me this is the long desired knowledge, which one can only get in the real "mystery centers" ...
I hope that the new course will start next year! This knowledge is so important for the world and for the space.”
Olga Suvorova
The last year of training is always quickly done, but it is very intense and rich. We look to the coming year with hope for the best, with faith in the future and with love in the present!
Dmitry Milakov, Moscow RU
Dear Bothmer World,

in August 2019, the idea about workshops  for Bothmer 100 was sent around, but maybe not everyone got it, so I would like to tell you about it again:

We celebrate the birthday of Bothmer Gymnastics together and it would be nice to give a present to the world in the form of workshops. The idea is, that in 2022 workshops will be given all over the world under the name "Bothmer 100", so that in the world Bothmer Gymnastics as a phenomenon will appear. To facilitate the process of advertisement we have developed a flyer that everyone can use and the info about your workshop will also be on the website. Where, when, how long and on what topic the workshop should be, is up to you.
To continue the work, we need your answers: Yes, I will do a workshop. Name and country. Right now that is enough. The detailed information we will need later.

At the moment I have 11 confirmations from 5 countries. This surprised me very much... a year ago there were 23 confirmations, and it could be over 100... I know that the current situation does not make it easy, but the impulses of the present are the events of the future.

I intentionally  would like to set a relatively tight deadline and ask you to please preply until 16 March 2021,  because I think writing a yes won't take long 😉

Please send your answer to:

On behalf of the preparation group,
Elja Thilo

Dear Movers,

It will soon be 100 years since Count Bothmer started working at the Stuttgart Waldorf School. It was a long way from exercising with workers' children, some of whose parents were communists, to  gymnastic education.
He followed this path as a person and as gymnastics teacher, later as a religion teacher and as a school director in a demanding environment as well. As the Waldorf school movement spread he went to Switzerland and England. The rise of the national socialism in Germany led to war and the Waldorf school was forced to close.
On one hand, we as gymnasts, as “Bothmerers" carry now his legacy. On the other hand, we carry a seed.
I have taken on the responsibility for a new edition of Fritz von Bothmer's book.
After 33 years, this should be available again.
Who would like to contribute?
For example, by revising the English translation. By creating a Russian or  Chinese translation? By tracking and recording the development of gymnastics since Count Bothmer’s time? By taking photos of pupils practising ? (this is a suggestion by Jean-Claude Lin of the publishing house ‘Freies Geistesleben’)
It seems to me that the research and the development of and with Bothmer gymnastics is a central theme. And everyone can do this.
The Bothmer exercises have such an individuality and harmony that even Bothmer was again and again amazed by it:
"It is always about leaving the limitations of the ‘what is has become’, the limitations caused by the rigidity of the physical body behind and moving on to the realm of the ‘becoming’,  of the effectivity,  to the laws of the creative forces.”
Who is ready to create with us?

Jan Uwe Gösch
Karl-von-Hahn-Str. 125
D-72250 Freudenstadt
+49-178-28 4 888 6
International Summer Intensive 2021
The international Bothmer summer intensive is still planned from July 26th to August 1st in Polička, Czech Republic.
However, the situation remains unpredictable and it is impossible to know how the pandemic, the rules and regulations will affect our lives in a few months.
We hope that the summer intensive will take place, but everything is still uncertain. We will inform you about our decision in a timely manner.
Thank you for your understanding!


  • International Summer Intensive 2021, Polička, Czech Republic,
    26. July 2021- 01. August 2021

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