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There's no time to slow down this November; Black Friday is nearly here and we're putting you in charge of the offers, we introduce your new favourite skincare range developed using sustainable ingredients and unique, sustainable methods, show off our new video where we take you through the features and benefits of the LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactor, plus much more.

We hope you'll enjoy reading this - grab a hot drink and press pause for a few minutes while you take a look! If you have any questions though, please don't hesitate to talk to us... 
worldwide black friday laboratory equipment offers from Asynt, the lab experts
You're the expert and we're listening...
Black Friday is just hours away.  Did you make a wish list for your laboratory yet?  If not, make that a priority on your to-do list!  At Asynt we put our customers in charge of the deals on Black Friday as no one knows better than you what you need. 
You tell us what you want, and what you'd like to pay.  We promise to say yes if we can. 
Click the button below to get all the details but remember, this is open to all of our customers worldwide, and you can make an offer on even the very latest laboratory equipment!
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worldwide shipping, local experts with Asynt distributor network around the world
Shop direct with global shipping, or via your nearest distribution partner for expert local knowledge
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Find out more about the sustainable processes at Keracol using the Asynt DrySyn and CondenSyn sustainable laboratory tools, available worldwide
Award winning, sustainable process changes the beauty game
Keracol Ltd is a sustainably driven cosmetics spin-out company born from over 15 years of scientific research between Professor Chris Rayner and Professor Richard Blackburn of the University of Leeds, UK. 
By taking waste food products, like the 10 million tonnes of citrus peel discarded in China annually, and using their breakthrough process technology with Asynt sustainable lab tools, Kristina Hetherington (Senior Scientist) and the Keracol team are producing beauty products that are better for humans, and better for our planet.

Special offer for 25% off the mandarin range for a limited time only. All details via
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parallel photochemical reactor with absolute temperature control from Asynt, the laboratory experts
Just launched:  NEW cooling base for the LightSyn Illumin8
Head of R&D at Asynt, Martyn talks us through the features and benefits of the unique LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor.  See how simple it is to setup and to use, and find out how it could brighten up your laboratory - figuratively speaking!
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sensible lab equipment package deals for worldwide delivery - from Asynt, the lab experts
Sensible lab equipment packages at prices you'll love
Parallel synthesis |  Inert atmosphere sampling  |  Sub-ambient reactions  |   Flow Chemistry
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The Asynt technical support team for worldwide assistance
Putting you in touch with the right people
We have technical team members with both extensive knowledge of the industry and a wealth of experience in finding the perfect solution to meet your laboratory requirements.  Arran, Kerry, and Antony coordinate this, and each look after different areas within the UK and around the world.  The button below will take you to the area of our website where you can find out more about them.

In addition, we have a hugely experienced network of established global distribution partners.  We're happy to help you with any enquiries but you're also welcome to reach out to your local Asynt partner of course.

Our expert logistics agents will organise everything to get your new lab equipment to you quickly and easily too so what are you waiting for?  Find out more about the Asynt team via the button below, or see the contact details for our distributors HERE.
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And finally....

What aren't you taking anyone's word for?

On 28th November we mark the anniversary of the first ever Royal Society meeting, held after a lecture at Gresham College by Sir Christopher Wren back in 1660.  We look back at some surprising events in the society's history and share access to some incredible original publications including the first edition of Philosophical Transactions (the oldest continuously published scientific journal in the world).
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Don't forget, you can also find us via all your favourite social media channels - just click any of the links above.

Thanks for reading, friend, and we look forward to talking with you soon.
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The Asynt Team
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