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NAMHSA News for January 2015


Jan 1
-- More discussion continued regarding the late show application.

Jan 2
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted the current Agenda:
Currently working on:

  • 1 Person/1 Vote 

Currently stalled:-Database (need costs before we can vote on it - motion tabled pending that information)

  • Code of Conduct 

NEW Stuff! 

  • Discuss the possibility of searching out a different KY location
  • Kick around the idea of going from 3 judges to 1 judge. Pros, cons, cost analysis, etc. It seems to be a topic that crops up every single year, perhaps it's time to actually do a little more in depth thinking?
  • NAN Packet changes part 1 - deadline for refunds, explanation paragraph regarding Decos vs Fantasy (maybe a better description of what's allowed for bylaws/policy doc?), I am assuming we'll have a part 2.
  • NAN Program changes part 1 - programming changes for registration that Eleanor keeps mentioning to me that I don't have the details about. I am also assuming there is a part 2 to this.

Jan 3
-- Eleanor Harvey (parl) offered to post her NAN debrief that would include suggestions for new drop down menus for halter divisions.

-- Lynn Weber (R5 and web) reported that the Code of Conduct had never had anything done aside from being added to the agenda. Jackie Moore (R6) thought she remembered a rough draft of one. 

-- Members of the BOD indicated they were ready to vote on the chairs of the 2015 NAN.

Jan 4
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) mentioned that a volunteer had been working on a draft of a Code of Conduct, and she would contact her to get more information.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) made an addendum to the January agenda:
Change bylaws to allow for all voting items to be immediately implemented, without requiring an additional vote to consider the item "an emergency" or not. 

-- There was more discussion about the late show application, with most BOD members feeling that the show could not be approved as there was no proof that the application had been sent 60 days prior to the show date.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) reviewed steps needed to make changes to the membership program.

Jan 5
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) reported that she had a draft of the Code of Conduct, but needed to read it before presenting it to the BOD.

Jan 6
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS & R4) reported that the late applicant showholder issue had been resolved by the showholder.

--More discussion ensued regarding SMS expense handling.

Jan 7
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) advised that she had heard from Sheri Rhodes at MVS Casting asking how many NAN trophies would be needed as she wanted to start casting them. Niki Hertzog (R9) advised that usually the exact number needed the MGC which was not ready yet, but an order of 165 each in gold and silver would be a good starting point. Extra plaques for volunteers could be ordered in a color to be decided by the chair at a later date.

Jan 9
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the December Treasurer report:
Balance in BOA checking as of 12/31/2014: 63,946.87
Balance in PayPal as of 12/31/2014: 1,068.06
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 12/31/2014: 65,014.93

-- More discussion ensued regarding SMS expense handling.

Jan 10
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted a reply from the 2014 NAN judge who judged and showed in the same division.  
-- Danielle Miller (IMS) presented her proposal for membership changes:
I would like to propose the following:
1. Eliminate all Show memberships
2. Eliminate all Individual memberships
3. Create ONE new membership that is all encompassing and rename it a "NAMHSA Membership" with one vote for each person and whatever other privileges/perks we decide should be included. Then you are either a NAMHSA member or you are not.
4. Change the membership dates to a traditional calendar year of January 1-December 31, as opposed to memberships currently following the NAMHSA calendar year of May 1- April 30. The new membership would still follow a 2 year cycle and would remain at the current rate of $30.
5. For those wishing to hold a NAMHSA qualifying show, a NAMHSA membership will cover the expenses of NAN cards for the first show up to the $30 membership fee. Above $30 will be paid for by the show holder, and the $30 membership fee may be used only once during the 2 year membership period regardless of how many shows said showholder has during their membership.
6. Regardless of the number of showholders for any one particular show, only one designated showholder will need to have a membership to qualify for the benefits of the NAMHSA membership such as voting rights and NAN discounted fees.
7. Any additional showholders that wish to have the same benefits, will need to apply and pay their own dues for a NAMHSA membership.

This will:
1. Create unity within our membership as opposed to division
2. Streamline the entire process
3. Make tracking and processing memberships and votes much much easier for all involved including the members themselves.

Edits and suggestions were made.

Jan 11
-- Sandra Gibson (R11) posted her concerns on the situation with the NAN judge who had shown in the same division she had judged.

--There was some discussion about the appropriate penalty. Suggestions were to disqualify the judge’s models from the division she also judged, as well as also not allowing her to judge future NANs. Issues about how judges were assigned to NAN 2014 were brought up. It was felt that stewards were not very well trained, but the ban on judging a division your horses are in is also very well known. There was some debate on if it is the responsibility of the stewards to know who is not allowed to judge vs the judges themselves. Teresa Buzzell (pres) reminded the BOD that this was a bylaws issues that judges could not judge a division they were showing in.

Jan 12
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) reported that she’d been to BOA and that she was the only signor on the account currently on the BOD. BOA told her that they would need a copy of the minutes stating who was currently on the account.

-- Jackie Arnes-Rossi (RS) posted the poll for the NAN Chair vote.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) presented an interim VP candidate to the BOD, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne.  There was brief discussion, all in favor of having Kim serve as interim VP.

-- Carmen Robertson (treas) advised that the Hodges winter sale ended on February 18th, and suggested that a preliminary order be placed once the chair was official. Niki Hertzog (R9) suggested that since the BOD had all the information needed for the rosettes they place a preliminary order of 1650 (a Top Ten for a proposed 165 classes) and order more if needed once the MGC was in place. Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked that the preliminary order of both trophies and rosettes based on Niki’s numbers be ordered. Carmen reported she already sent a deposit on trophies and would order the rosettes. Niki also suggested giving Gary at Auld’s a heads up that trophies had been ordered.

Jan 13
-- Eleanor Harvey (parl) advised that the minutes should be proof for BOA to add signors to the bank account. Teresa Buzzell (pres) suggested adding on Eleanor and possibly the PR person as signors. 

Jan 14
-- Lynn Weber (R5 and web) advised the BOD that she had created a forum for the NAN Committee. 

Jan 15
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that Donna and Harvey Stone also had 436 rosettes that needed new streamers. Carmen Robertson (treas) advised she would add this to the Hodges order.

Jan 17
-- The following poll closed:
Should the BOD accept Donna and Harvey Stone as NAN chair for the 2015 NAN.
- yes
-Stacy Quick (R1)
-Kathy WIlliams (R2)
-Pauline Entin (R3)
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Annette Dean (R7)
-Niki Hertzog (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Sandra Gibson (R11)
- no
- abstain
Note that Jenna Murphy (R8) did not vote.

Jan 18
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) requested an update on issuing petty cash to the Show Membership Secretary.

-- Teresa Buzzell (VP) formally nominated Kim Bjorgo-Thorne to serve as interim VP.

-- Chris Wallbruch (MSOTY) asked to make sure requests for Member Show of the Year nominations were going out year round. Lynn Weber (web and R5) set up an announcement to go out regularly.

Jan 21
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised she would let Donna and Harvey Stone know they had been approved as NAN chairs. 

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) started a poll to accept Kim Bjorgo-Thorne as interim Vice President, in which it was specified that Kim's term will end at the end of NAN this year, at which time Teresa Buzzell will go on to serve as president and a new VP will step in.

-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the 2014 Fourth Quarter Report.
10/1/2014 through 12/31/2014    
TOTAL INCOME:  1,430.40    
TOTAL EXPENSES:  -5,140.91    
OVERALL TOTAL:  -3,710.51    

Jan 23
-- Niki Hertzog (R9) posted a question to the BOD regarding double-judged shows with separate Breed and Collectibility divisions.:

Jan 24
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) reported that while she was at a NAMHSA show over the weekend, she noted the show holder’s daughter showing in open. Lindsay did get the showholder to have her daughter stop showing and placings were adjusted on classes the daughter had already shown in.

Jan 25
-- Danielle Miller (IMS) posted an updated version of changes to the membership program and Teresa Buzzell (pres) made suggestions for implementation.

Jan 26
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) reminded the BOD that there was established financial policies that outlined who was allowed to be a signer on the bank account. 
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) advised that in the past, she had sent the Show Membership Secretary a check for petty cash of $300. When the SMS was running low on funds, they would submit an expense report for more money. Carmen suggested going back to this protocol to meet the needs of NAMHSA and the SMS.

-- Erin Corbett (fund) resigned from the fundraising post.

Jan 27
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted the minutes from December 16-3, 2014 and January 1-15, 2015.

Jan 28
-- The following poll closed:
Should the BOD accept Kim Bjorgo-Thorne as interim Vice President? Kim's term will end at the end of NAN this year, at which time Teresa Buzzell will go on to serve as president and a new VP will step in.
- yes
-Lindsay Diamond (R4)
-Lynn Weber (R5)
-Jackie Moore (R6)
-Annette Dean (R7)
-Niki Hertzog (R9)
-Sharon Mossy (R10)
-Sandra Gibson (R11)
- no
- abstain
Did not vote: Stacy Quick (R1) Kathy Williams (R2) Pauline Entin (R3) and Jenna Murphy (R8)

Jan 29
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) approved the December 16-31, 2014 and January 1-15, 2015 Minutes.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) authorized Carmen Robertson (treas) to send Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) a $400 check for petty cash. Lindsay would be responsible for providing receipts when she needed the petty cash refilled.

Jan 30 
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) started a Contact List and asked all current officers for the email address they preferred to have NAMHSA use as a contact point.

-- Pauline Entin (R3) reposted the NAMHSA Membership proposal with additional edits.

--Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) suggested giving NAMHSA members a number to help track them.

-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) introduced herself as the new interim VP.

No report.

Recent Region 2 Shows:

December 6 and 7th was a two day Christmas Bash in Region 2! Saturday Jane Morehouse hosted her Workmanship & Collectability Only (WACCO) show in San Martin. We enjoyed lots of beautiful models as well as our model horse Christmas Party, Potluck and our Sneaky Santa Ornament Exchange. Sunday Kirsten Arendt hosted Winter Festivus which was part of the Breyer Live Show Benefit Program. This was also Kristin’s first show and it was a huge success!

Upcoming Shows:

January 17-18, 2015 will bring Heather Visser’s Frozen Ponies shows in Galt, CA. Saturday will be OF Day and Sunday Custom Day.

February 28-March1, 2015 will be a two day show weekend. The Gold Country Show will be held in Davis, CA. Show holders are Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski. Gold Country has been a repeat show for over a decade!

St. Valentine’s Day Live show in Norco, CA has been rescheduled to March 16th. Suzie Francis is our show holder for the 2nd anniversary of this show:

March 28-29, 2015 is another two show weekend. Both shows will be hosted by Heather Visser in Galt, CA. Saturday will bring the Achy Acres Mini Spring Fling show, an all mini show with many divisions: Sunday brings the Big Valley Performance Show:

April 11, 2015 will be Jane Morehouse’s annual revival of her Fantastic Plastic Classic show in San Martin, CA. This will be FPC’s 12th year! Congratulations to Jane for bringing us this amazing show year after year.

The next day at the same show hall (April 12, 2015) the Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Show (BAAHCCCS) will be held. Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski will be our show holders. BAAHCCCS is another show that has been in existence a long time - since 2002!

This great lineup of shows should give everyone a chance to qualify for NAN 2015 in Palm Springs!

Region 3 Report – January, 2015

Hello and happy new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is staying warm despite the cold weather. The region has been pretty quiet since mid-December, but will start ramping up again with shows very soon.
Our show closest on the horizon is the TES New Year Celebration in Tucson on January 24. February may be quiet again, but I am very happy to say we have a show scheduled for Utah in early March – Red Rock Plastic Ponies on Parade in Hurricane, UT on March 7. Please see the NAMHSA website for more information on both of these shows.
Although the details are not set yet, Teresa Candelaria is planning to hold a Kick AZ Minis to the Max on March 14, and hopefully Arizona Live will be renewed in April. I am sure there are shows in the works for Colorado as well. 
Enjoy the snow!
Pauline Entin

Hello Region 4!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends.

December was a quiet month for shows, but 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for shows!!

January brings the Bristol Blazers 4-H Open and Youth Model Horse Show in Arlington, WI. While this show has been happening for a few years as a 4-H show, this is the first time they've added an open division! It should be a great show - contact Carmen Fritz for more information.

February will be a busy month across the region. In Wisconsin, the Sleigh Rally Model Show in Columbus returns on February 14th in conjunction with the Columbus Sleigh Rally - a great opportunity to see beautiful horses pulling different types of sleighs and sleds, and even try skiing behind a horse! The show offers performance, halter, collectibility and a youth division. Visit for more info on the Sleigh Rally Show.

There are two shows on February 28th. First, in Minnesota, the 2nd Annual Pocket Change for Ponies Model Horse Show in Becker, MN, hosted by Katelyn Stevens. Proceeds go to the MN Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation - a great cause!

Second, an all performance show returns in Wisconsin. The Meeme House Double Judged All Performance show hosted by Greg Stebnitz. The show has a great class list for the performance junkie!

I hope everyone stays warm during this frigid cold snap! See you at the shows!

Region 5's first NAN Qualifying show for the new year is A Midwinter's Night Ball in Georgetown, TX. It appears there will be showers from all five states in our region there. It's expected to be a very large show, if past numbers are any indication. I hope to see you there!

Lemmonade Live will be returning in April, but there are no other shows on the books yet. I suspect that will be changing very soon, and I look forward to it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

There was one show in Region 6 in December. The Hollow Horse Live Holiday Show and Social was held December 6 in Cumming, GA. By all accounts, this was a cozy show with stiff competition and a friendly holiday atmosphere complete with Christmas themed fun classes. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

2015 kicks off with Old Oak Farm's All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show in Newberry, FL. This show has been selected to be a part of the Breyer Live Show Benefit Program, so one lucky entrant will win Razzmatazz. Amelia and Liam were also donated to the show by Breyer for the show's Kids Division, so good luck everyone!

2015 looks to be a busy show year for Region 6 with Central Alabama Live Model Horse Show at the Alabama Horse Fair in Montgomery, AL on Feb 28; Carolina Gold Classic in Monroe, NC on March 14; Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC on April 25; and Models In The Sunshine (MITS) on May 9 and 10 in Leesburg, FL.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season and I wish you all the best in the new year.

See you at the shows!
Jackie Moore

Region 7 Report – December

We have had a relatively mild winter so far but the forecasters are saying we have an Arctic blast coming into our areas next week - so hang onto your coats !

No shows to report for December, but we have the following NAMHSA shows coming up in Region 7:

Feb 14, 2015 - Snow Show-ers Live II in LaGrange, KY, a benefit show for ASBs Rescue:

Mar 7, 2015 - (Sixth Annual) New Year's Bash Live (The Defrosted Edition) in Ashland, OH;

(And a show TBA for Nicholasville, KY in March 2015)

Happy New Year !
Annette Dean
Region 7

No report.

No report.

Region 10 January Report

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope your Holidays were wonderful! January is still a quiet month for Region 10 as far as shows go, buuuuuut the Spring is looking busy already! There are three shows scheduled in the Region - one each in March, April, and May!

On March 7th, Brenda Bednar will be hosting the amazing Southern New England Winter Round-Up, which is in Spencer, MA. This is a great Halter show that is well attended and is a must go!

On April 25th, Joan Fauteux hosts Quabbin Valley Performance Open in Spencer, MA. If you LOVE Performance showing, this is your show!

On May 17th, Jennifer Bolton is hosting Manchester Model Madness in Manchester, NH. Another great Halter show!

Keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

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