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Humility Class
Heidi's certification

Ministry Update

 Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN invited Cross to Life to teach a large group summer class. Some of the participants decided to pursue the individual discipleship process.

Women from Teen Challenge’s Leadership Institute in Minneapolis participated in an 8 week on-sight discipleship class. We are praying about next steps for 2016. We are invited to minister in their chapel service on April 28th.

At our Edina office, Sue Raia taught a study she developed based on Andrew Murray’s classic, Humility. Most of the women in this class had completed our individual discipleship process. We are realizing how important small group follow up is for fellowship and continued growth in grace.

In September, our ministry team previewed a resource for small groups, The New Life, taught by Dr. John Woodward. We thought it was excellent, and propose to offer this introductory eight week discipleship class in 2016. We continue to share the previous DVD/workbook, For Me to Life is Christ, which is an eight week course. Both of these materials provide Biblical support and review for what is shared in our individual sessions.

We give thanks for how God has used His Word this year through the CTLDM team. May He continue to bear fruit through the 12 week personal sessions, discipleship classes, and presentations to other ministries in the Twin Cities area.

La Vida Intercambiada: “The Exchanged Life”

This class was hosted by Pastor Charlie Mercado and his wife Roxana with the parents of the Arriba Children Tutoring program at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. David Sherman and Sam & Sue Raia presented the discipleship concepts of "not I, but Chriist" over a four-week period concluding on December 10, 2015. Utilizing slides translated into Spanish from Grace Fellowship International, they shared essential biblical insights drawn from The Exchanged Life Conferences. Topics included Identity, Rejection, the Wheel, the Line, the Daily Cross, Spiritutherapy, Summary Steps of Sanctification, and Diagrams of God’s Ideal. Pastor Mercado led the participants in the "Oracion de un Egocentrista" (the “Selfer’s Prayer") at the conclusion of the seminars. For sample Spanish chapters of the source books, click here: Del Rechazo a la Aceptacion, and Hacia la Felicidad.

I recently completed The Exchanged Life sessions and a class on Humility through Cross to Life ministries. The Exchanged Life was eye-opening for me. The truth that is taught is found all over the Bible, but in all the studies, groups or sermons I have been exposed to, this was never brought into focus so clearly. More than ever before, I deeply experienced God's love for me. I previously had knowledge of these truths, but now I have understanding.

The Humility class brought me nearer to God.  Through these lessons I realized the true humility of Jesus Christ when He died on the cross for me. I recognized my need, which fostered a desire, to be humble.

Both of these classes challenged me and made me grow. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended.

- S. H.
The Gift of God's Son

By Andrew Murray
God held the world so dear that He gave His only begotten Son for everyone who will trust in Him. And how did He give Him? He gave Him in His birth as man, in order to be forever one with us. He gave Him in His death on the cross as surety, in order to take away our sin and curse. He gave Him on the throne of heaven, in order to arrange for our welfare, as our Representative and Intercessor over all the powers of heaven. He gave Him in the outpouring of the Spirit, in order to dwell in us to be entirely and altogether our own. (1)

Yes, that is the love of God. He gave His Son to us, for us, and in us. Nothing less than His Son Himself. This is the love of God. It is not that He gives us something, but that He gives us Someone, a living person, not one or another blessing, but Him, who is all life and blessing, Jesus Himself. He does not simply give us forgiveness, revival, sanctification, or glory, He gives us His own Son, Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the beloved, the equal, the intimate friend, the eternal blessedness of the Father. And it is the will of God that we should have Jesus as ours, even as He has Him. (2)

For this reason He gave Him to us. The whole of salvation consists of this, to have, to possess, to enjoy Jesus. God has given His Son, given Him wholly to become ours. (3) What do we have to do? To take Him, to receive and to take possession of the gift, to enjoy Jesus as our own. This is eternal life. "He who has the Son has the life..." (I John 5:12) (4)  continue reading...
A downloadable gift from our "cousins" at Lifetime Ministries
The Exchanged Life is truly a life-changing message. Lifetime Ministries, In our partnership with Grace Ministries International, we will soon be adding new materials to our extensive collection of books, audios and videos that Dr. Bill and Anabel Gillham have produced over the years.  We are also making available to our friends and family a free downloadable MP3 each month on different topics related to knowing Christ as Life.  This audio series is titled, "Born to Bear Fruit".

If you think producing spiritual fruit is difficult, you're wrong. It's impossible...apart form complete dependence upon Christ as life. This album explains how every believer is equipped to bear fruit, and provides practical advice on how to express the Spirit's fruit in real life. This audio was not produced. It was forged! Forged on the anvil of life. It is an effort to transfer what is in our heart to your life through the power of God's Holy Spirit. After you've listened, we encourage you to share this file with your friends.

To get your free download, just click the link here.
God is still in the business of transforming lives!
We request intercession for the team, referrals for the personal discipleship process, and invitations to give overview presentations of this message and ministry model.

If you have a testimony, question, comment, or prayer request, please send us a note through the Cross to Life Contact Page.
Cross to Life Discipleship Ministries is dedicated to proclaiming our sufficiency in Christ alone, through personal discipleship, teaching, and training. The content is Biblically based and Christ-centered. We offer a unique short term, strategic, and structured approach.
"On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you" (John 14:20).

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