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The one universal ever-operating law throughout has been the law of change. Nature never stands still and never duplicates herself. Life is always in the process of becoming something else.
- Laurence M. Gould (1896-1995)
YET again, iFaber patrons will find an issue filled with changes that capture the environment of Change Management at large. The past few months have been an exciting time and with each edition we try to improve and build upon our previous issue.
Unfortunately, we were forced to skip the last issue. Sincerely regret the same! We missed you but we assure you to make amends and to ensure a 'permanent countermeasure' for the abnormality. Hence, this issue onwards, we are excited to welcome Faber Raveena Rathi as our new editor in chief and with her taking charge, comes a multitude of new experiences and perspectives.
Through iFaber, we have tried to encapsulate the Change Management community and provide a window into day-to-day life at Faber Infinite.
As you already know, Faber culture revolves around ‘Crafting Value’ for all the stakeholders. Our clients excel in numerous areas. The dynamic accomplishments and involvement of the client community provides us with a wealth of interesting topics to share with you. One example of an exceptional Faber member is Water Solutions Provider profiled in this issue. We will have many more to follow the suit.

While the Fabers and the articles form the foundation of iFaber, the editors want to ensure that the readers receive this information in the most exciting, aesthetically appealing, and informative way possible.
Finally, we hope you enjoy the renewed issue as much as we enjoyed compiling it. Please share your insights with us. Let us know your thoughts. Your feedback makes us better. Finally, please feel free to forward the newsletter in your circle of influence, who might find it interesting!

Thank you

Excerpts from Business Adventures

As part of Fab Faber series, we are glad to share few excerpts from another wonderful book, Business Adventures by John Brooks. It garnered attention world over as Bill Gates prescribed it as his all time favourite business book! Happy Reading!  

Ingredients for Successful Change Management

Successful Change Management journey has remained mysterious puzzle for many.  If it’s conducted well, the payoff can be substantial. Read on where Faber Raveena talks about 'the Ingredients for Successful Change Management!'
Accelerating 'Make in India' Campaign
Faber Infinite unlocks the key drivers for accelerating the much talked about, 'Make in India' campaign. A Glimpse of how Operational Excellence is the key to arrive at the Indian dream of becoming the Global Manufacturing hub. 
Solution for Water Solution Provider
Faber Infinite has been engaged to improve the overall manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies by one of the leading water solutions provider (water and waste water solutions). Read on for details as Faber Rahul describes the transformation journey 

Are We Too Busy To Improve?

Organizational Change is more than just changing the way business is conducted. It is about identifying and appreciating the need to change, need to improve! Faber Raveena ponders on 'Are we getting too busy to improve?'
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