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Warm welcome to all the readers! At the outset, on behalf of the Faber team, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. 

I like January, when I can see a whole New Year stretching out ahead of me. As I write this, 2016 has just set, and I'm hopeful that with the flip of the calendar page, it shall ring in great times for all. A new year seems rich with potential. People are newly resolute about their New Year's resolutions, and there's a shared optimism about getting down to business and making good on the opportunities that present themselves.

In this developing world, as we are striving towards sustaining our businesses, I am glad to share another fab January edition of iFaber - Official Newsletter of Faber Infinite towards sustaining transformational journey.

I would like to thank to all the readers of iFaber for your valued responses since the past edition and we thank you for  all the comments and feedback shared by you to make us more intense,we always try to adopt your suggestions as they add further value to us.

Finally, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed sharing with you. Please share your thoughts with us. Your feedback makes us better. And please feel free to forward the newsletter in your circle of influence, who might find it interesting!

Thank you so much

Celebrating Victories!

Team Faber Infinite is excited to share with you few team victories of 2015 from various sectors and geographies! Victories, however small or large are moments to be cherished, as it is said 'journey is the destination.' Few glimpses of  victories. 

Act like leader,Think like leader

Are you leader at your work? Do you aspire to lead with greater impact? Here is one of the best business books of 2015 which talks on different aspects of leadership. Read the book for further clearance
Train like an Athlete
As per the recent survey, untrained employees take up to six times longer to perform the same task as trained employees. Faber Infinite has been supporting organizations in training and further, we are glad to present year long training calendar.
Go Green!

Faber Infinite has been working with businesses, to be more sustainable by going green and targeting bottom line improvements. Concepts like Zero Defect & Zero Effect, energy conservation and efficiencies can improve bottom line. Please click here for details.
Faber Infinite Partners with CII

Faber Infinite is glad to share that we supported the Engineering and Construction Summit 2015 as knowledge partner. It was organised by Confederation of Indian Industries. Please click here for further glimpses of the event.
Take the LEAP!

Team Faber Infinite introduces powerful offering for organizational fitness - LEAP journey, for organizations which aspire to grow. LEAP is the foundation step to resolve challenges and achieving organizational fitness. Click here to know more.
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