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BEST OF 2015

New technology enables ultra-fast steering and shaping of light beams

HKUST Physicists Control Photon’s Shape for Record Loading Efficiency into a Cavity

'Single-photon emission enhancement' seen as step toward quantum technologies

Improved interface for a quantum internet

Breakthrough Lights up Metamaterials

Quantum hard drive breakthrough

Team led by UCLA and Columbia engineers uses disorder to control light on a nanoscale

Generating Möbius strips of light

Entanglement on a Chip: Breakthrough Promises Secure Communications and Faster Computers

Scientists slow down the speed of light travelling through air

The first ever photograph of light as both a particle and wave

UTEP Light Technology Could Lead to Faster Computers

IBM’s Silicon Photonics Technology Ready to Speed up Cloud and Big Data Applications

New protocol for quantum technology unlocked

New method of quantum entanglement vastly increases how much information can be carried in a photon

Sweeping Lasers Snap Together Nanoscale Geometric Grids

Photonic crystal fibre: a multi-purpose sensor


New, Ultrathin Optical Devices Shape Light in Exotic Ways

Light-Based Memory Chip Is the First Ever to Store Data Permanently

Ultrathin lens could revolutionise next-gen devices

Is the electron a spin ½ charged photon?

New Laser for Computer Chips

ASU researchers demonstrate the world's first white lasers

Mechanism of air lasing

NHK and Forza Silicon Present 133 Mpixel 60 fps CMOS Image Sensor


“Quantum dot” technology may help light the future

Inspired by art, lightweight solar cells track the sun

Researchers enable solar cells to use more sunlight

Going beyond the Limits of Optical Fibers

CCNY research boosts optical fiber data speeds

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