ETSC Speed Monitor (22) - October 2016
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Speed Monitor
Policy update from ETSC

Speed limit displays on new car models 'not enough'

Several new car models launched in recent months come with speed limit information systems fitted as standard, but more needs to be done to encourage installation of full Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) which actively helps prevent the driver from speeding, according to ETSC. Read more...

France cracks down on company car speeding

A legal loophole in France that has let many fleet car drivers avoid speeding fines and penalty points is set to be closed. Read more...

Romania's speed limit increase proposal criticised

A group of senators from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Romania have published a draft law to increase the speed limit in villages and cities to 70 km/h for motorcycles and passenger cars, and 60 km/h for other vehicles. Read more...

Belgium takes action on speeding

New technology and legal changes are the latest weapons in the fight against speeding in Belgium, with new safety cameras being trialled in the Northern region of Flanders and a change to the legal status of speeding fines in French-speaking Wallonia. Read more...

Cuts to police enforcement across Europe doubly damaging for road safety

Declines in the level of police enforcement of traffic offences are contributing to Europe’s failure to cut the numbers dying in road collisions, according to ETSC's latest reports analysing road safety data from across the EU. Read more...

German motorway speed limit trial scrapped

Plans to trial a 120km/h speed limit on sections of the A81 and A96 motorways in the German state of Baden-Württemberg have been dropped due to ‘legal concerns’. Read more...

Follow-up needed on EU cross border enforcement rules

An independent report on the EU’s law on the cross border enforcement of traffic rules recommends further action to ensure non-resident drivers are sanctioned for offences committed outside their home country. Read more...

Awards highlight the companies driving down road collisions at work

ETSC has announced the 2016 winners of the PRAISE awards, recognising organisations that have taken outstanding measures to improve the safety of their vehicle fleets. Read more...

Data show how car brand affects speeding

New research by Admiral, a British insurer, based on data from some 300,000 event data recorders (EDRs) has revealed differences in the likelihood of speeding between drivers of different brands of car. Read more...

More than half of drivers go more than 10km/h too fast in 30 km/h school zones

An investigation by the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI) has found that 90% of drivers exceeded 30 km/h speed limits near schools with more than half travelling at 40km/h or more. Read more...

ISA for kids

A new mobile phone game launched by the Automobile Club of Romania is encouraging kids to tell their parents when they exceed the limit. Read more...


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