ETSC Speed Monitor (23) - January 2017
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Bulc says EU serious injury target will be set in 2017

Violetta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Transport, has renewed a promise to introduce a target to reduce serious road injuries across the EU. Speaking to MEPs on the European Parliament’s Transport Committee on 5 December, Bulc described the figure of 135,000 serious injuries per year as “serious numbers”, and described the current situation as “frustrating…we are not moving forward”. Read more...

Commission outlines plans for safer cars, vans and lorries

The European Commission has published a list of 19 lifesaving safety technologies that could be made mandatory on new vehicles in the next update of EU vehicle safety rules. Read more...

Targeted safety measures needed to prevent road deaths among young drivers

Zero tolerance on drink driving, additional hazard perception training and graduated driver licensing schemes should become the norm in order to help tackle the disproportionate risks faced by young drivers and motorcycle riders in Europe, according to a new report. Read more...

Cross border follow-up of traffic offences not being used at ‘full potential’

New EU rules have had a positive impact on tackling road traffic offences committed abroad according to a European Commission report. Read more...

Dublin is the latest 30 km/h city

Plans to cut speed limits to 30 km/h on residential streets throughout Dublin were approved in December. Read more...

Flanders reduces out of town speed limits

The Northern Belgian region of Flanders has reduced the default speed limit on roads outside built-up areas to 70km/h from 90km/h previously. Read more...

Safety fears over reduced fines in Greece

ETSC’s Greek member organisation RSI Panos Mylonas has strongly rejected a government proposal to cut fines for traffic offences including speeding and use of mobile phones at the wheel. Read more...

Tesla autopilot updates change rules on speeding

Tesla’s latest software update has reversed an earlier change that capped the speed of its Autopilot driver assistance system at the posted speed limit on undivided roads. Read more...


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