ETSC Safety Monitor (95) - February 2015
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France announces new road safety measures as deaths rise

The French government has announced more than twenty new road safety measures following the first national rise in road deaths in over a decade.. Read more...

Self-driving car zero death claim ‘not realistic’

A new report by the University of Michigan warns that self-driving cars will not be a panacea for road deaths, and could even worsen road safety for other drivers during the long transition period. ETSC says policymakers should focus on driver assistance technologies that could save lives today, rather than just looking at technology which is still years away from mass deployment. Read more...

Rise in UK deaths linked to decline in traffic police

Cuts in traffic police numbers have been blamed for a rise in those killed and seriously injured on UK roads. Figures revealed in February show that overall deaths in the year to September 2014 rose by 1% with the total number for those killed or serious injured up by 4%. Read more...

Aviation safety threatened by ‘race to the bottom’ in crew contracts

A report by researchers at the University of Ghent into current labour practices in the European aviation industry warns that safety is being compromised by a ‘race to the bottom’ in employment practices. Read more...

Study recommends EU action on tyre safety

Requiring in-vehicle Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that can react to quick deflation in seconds rather than minutes is among the recommendations on improving tyre-related safety made to the European Commission in a study by Dutch researchers TNO. Read more...

Spanish road death figures flat in 2014

Deaths on Spanish roads declined by just 3 in 2014, with 1131 deaths compared to 1134 in 2013. Read more...

London announces new lorry safety restrictions

Older HGVs will have to be retrofitted with sideguards and improved mirrors, or face being banned from London streets from September it has been announced. Read more...

Road safety videos reflect diverging trends in campaigning

New road safety campaigns from France and Finland take vastly different approaches to getting road safety messages across. Read more...
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