ETSC Speed Monitor (18) - May 2015
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Speed Monitor
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Germany unblocks 30km/h zones

Germany’s Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has announced legal changes that will make it easier for local authorities to implement 30km/h zones. Read more

Time-over-distance cameras improve safety in Belgium and Scotland

Two separate studies of the impact of time-over-distance cameras (also known as ‘section control’) in Belgium and Scotland have shown considerable safety benefits. Read more...

Commission report gives ‘green lights’ for mandatory fitting of new safety tech

A major new study for the European Commission has identified a range of new vehicle safety technologies that are suitable for mandatory fitting as part of a review of EU vehicle safety legislation. Read more...

Transport ministers agree on cross-border enforcement deal

Rules for sharing information on traffic offences committed by drivers of foreign vehicles will apply to all EU countries from 2017. The extension of the existing rules to include the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark is the main change brought about by the new cross-border enforcement directive adopted by Transport ministers last month. Read more...

Luxembourg toughens up penalty point system

Drivers caught speeding in Luxembourg will face tougher penalties from 1 June when a revised driving license points system comes into force. Read more...

France to run trial of 80 km/h limits on three roads

The French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has announced a two-year trial of a lower 80km/h limit on roads with no central separation, down from 90 km/h. Read more...

‘Dummy’ police can cut speeding

A pilot project in the Belgian town of Zaventem has found that life-sized, two-dimensional dummies of police officers or police vehicles had a significant positive effect on cutting speeding, and also reduced average speeds. Read more...

22 European countries join forces for speed enforcement marathon

Provisional results from the first pan European 24-hour speed enforcement marathon have been released by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network. Read more...
Antwerp 'selfie' speeding sign

Antwerp’s ‘selfie’ speeding signs

In a creative bid to cut urban speeding, the Belgian city of Antwerp has developed digital signs featuring happy and sad ‘selfies’ of city residents. Read more...
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