ETSC Speed Monitor (19) - October 2015
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Speed Monitor
Policy update from ETSC

Opinion: Has ISA’s time finally come?

For years, speed has been recognised as one of the three main contributing factors to deaths on our roads. And for more than a decade, ETSC has been advocating the benefits of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), a driver assistance system that a 2014 Norwegian study found to be the ‘most effective’ in saving lives. We are optimistic that 2016 could prove to be a turning point in wide adoption of the technology. Read more

30 km/h zones: the latest from around Europe

30 km/h zones are continuing to spread across Europe with developments in recent months in Belgium, Spain and the UK - but implementation is sometimes hampered by bureaucracy. Read more...

ISA-fitted cars start to hit showrooms

Cars fitted with fully-fledged Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems are starting to arrive in showrooms. The latest version of Ford’s S-Max and Galaxy, and Volvo’s XC90 can come factory-fitted with camera and GPS-based systems that alert the driver to the current speed limit and help prevent him or her from exceeding it. Read more...

MEPs renew calls for serious road injury reduction target

The European Parliament has reiterated calls for a pan-European target to cut serious road injuries. In a vote last month on a review of European transport policy since 2011, MEPs called for, “the swift adoption of a 2020 target of a 40 % reduction in the number of people seriously injured, accompanied by a fully fledged EU strategy.” Read more...

Death of minister’s police outrider causes outrage in Romania

Romania's president advised the country's interior minister to resign earlier this week amid widespread public anger over the death of a police officer who was escorting the minister's motorcade. Read more...

Safety camera boost in France, Luxembourg and Portugal

France and Portugal are increasing the numbers of police speed enforcement cameras and Luxembourg has presented a bill to introduce the technology for the first time. Read more...

London buses get second ISA trial

47 London buses covering two routes will be fitted with ISA technology as part of the second major trial of the system in the UK capital. Read more...

Speed limits on German motorways in the spotlight again

A poll by YouGov has found that the majority of Germans would, for the first time, support a speed limit on those sections of German motorways that are currently unlimited – but only if it was set at 150 km/h, 20 km/h more than the current highest speed limit found in Europe. Read more...
ISA infographic

Infographic: ISA explained

ETSC has created an infographic explaining how ISA works, and the main benefits.
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