ETSC Safety Monitor (92) - July 2014
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Slovakia leads on cutting road deaths

Slovakia has made the most progress in saving lives since an EU target to halve road deaths by 2020 was set four years ago, according to ETSC’s latest Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) report. Data for the period 2010-2013 reveal that Slovakia made a dramatic 37% reduction in total deaths of road users. The Slovakian government received an award in recognition of this progress at an event in Brussels hosted by ETSC last month. See press release

Modified cross-border enforcement proposal expected

A revised proposal to enable EU member states to enforce traffic penalties for offences committed by foreign motorists, such as speeding, is expected to be published by the European Commission later this month. Read more…

Safer lorries, eCall and cross-border enforcement on Italian presidency agenda

The European Union will need to make progress on three important pieces of road safety legislation during the Italian presidency of the European Union which runs from July to December. ETSC has outlined its key priorities for the Italian presidency, along with an analysis of Italy’s own road safety record, in a briefing published last month. See ETSC briefing

Transport ministers hold back progress on lorry safety

EU member states have dealt a blow to plans to allow lorry makers to sell safer vehicles. Transport ministers meeting last month agreed that proposals to enable, not require, manufacturers to make changes that improve visibility and reduce the impact of crashes on other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists should be subject to an eight-year delay. See press release

Managing road risk helps the bottom line

ETSC's latest report gives an overview of the business case for employers to invest in a Work-Related Road Risk Management (WRRRM) programme. It finds that the financial benefits of such a programme could outweigh the costs of implementation. The other benefits such as increasing efficiency in organisational management and administration are also detailed. See report (in English and Spanish) and case study of Iron Mountain

New EU studies back future role for alcohol interlocks

Two new reports are supportive of further measures to boost the use of alcohol interlocks in passenger and goods vehicles in the EU but stop short of recommending measures that would mandate mass adoption in the short term due mainly to cost concerns. ETSC says this approach is short-sighted because mandatory use for some categories of drivers and vehicles would drive innovation, bring down costs and save many more lives. Read more…

UK road safety progress ‘lamentable’

ETSC’s UK member, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS), has said the UK’s recent progress on road safety is ‘lamentable’ and the Government is failing to ensure Britain remains a world leader on the issue. Read more... 

eCall delayed until 2017

The European Parliament and EU member states have agreed on a law requiring national authorities to set up the infrastructure to handle automated emergency calls from cars. But the EU institutions still need to do a deal on a parallel piece of legislation that will require new cars to be fitted with the necessary equipment. Read more...

Increase in German motorway deaths

Deaths on motorways increased by 10.6% last year in Germany while the overall figure went down, according to new figures. Read more…

Rise of budget cars could create ‘two tier’ market for safety – Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP has warned that the budget car trend being driven by Europe’s economic stagnation could lead to a ‘two-tier’ market for road safety in Europe as the latest technologies are made available only on top-spec or premium models. Read more... 

Slovenia sets 2022 road safety target

Slovenia aims to cut road mortality to 35 deaths per million inhabitants by 2022, according to the government’s recently published road safety programme for the period 2013-2022. Read more…

Advice on running a road safety week offered

Brake, the UK road safety charity, is launching a global website for anyone interested in organising a Road Safety Week or similar event in their country. Read more…

Milan congestion charge cuts crashes

The number of road crashes with injuries in the Italian city of Milan has fallen by 26.3% since a road pricing scheme was introduced in January 2012. Read more…

Cinema audience woken up to dangers of texting and driving

Cinemagoers in Hong Kong were given a shocking reminder of how easy it is to get distracted at the wheel thanks to a clever viral awareness campaign that has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. Watch the video
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