ETSC Drink Driving Monitor (26) - December 2016
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Drink Driving Monitor
Policy update from ETSC

Belgium strengthens alcohol interlock programme

The Belgian Minister of Mobility Fran├žois Bellot is planning to strengthen drink driving laws to require judges to impose alcohol interlocks on recidivist and high level first time offenders and in cases of drunkenness. Read more...

English back lower drink drive limits

There have been renewed calls for a lower drink drive limit in England after a survey found that more than three quarters of people would support such a move. Read more...

Dutch attempt to unblock alcohol interlock programme

A six-party coalition in the Netherlands is asking the government to find a solution to reopen the Dutch alcohol interlock programme to new participants after legal challenges put the scheme on hold last year. Read more....

Austria prepares legal basis for alcohol interlocks

The Austrian government is updating its driver licensing laws in preparation for the launch of its alcohol interlock programme next year. Read more....

Study confirms importance of coupling interlock programmes with rehabilitation courses

A new report has confirmed that alcohol interlock programmes are most effective at reducing recidivism when combined with rehabilitation programmes. Read more....

Lithuania moves towards zero tolerance on alcohol for all drivers

Lithuania is considering extending its zero BAC limit to all drivers. The proposal is one of the measures announced by the leader of the political party that won the general election in October. Read more....

Young men targeted in Christmas drink drive campaigns

Official drink driving campaigns are increasingly using social media to reach target groups. Read more....
ETSC Alcohol Interlock Barometer

 Alcohol Interlock Barometer

Track progress across Europe as more countries introduce alcohol interlock trials and legislative measures.
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Driver using alcohol interlock

New report on alcohol interlock best practice

Our latest report looks at what makes an effective alcohol interlock rehabilitation programme. Download it here.

Regulating drink driving to protect all road users

Watch the videos of our recent drink driving event in Brussels.
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