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September, 2017
PSI is launching the first and only rapid HIV self-testing product approved by the World Health Organization. Read more. Photo PSI/Eric Gauss

Charlie's Short Takes

If you are reading this, you are one of our more “engaged” subscribers. Our newsletter actually has a good “open rate”, I am told -- about 30% of the people we send it to open it. But the “click through” rate is pretty dismal, meaning that a low percentage of you who open the newsletter actually click on any of the links to go to another page. 

So I am thinking about how to make the newsletter more exciting and informative for y’all to explore. I would love to hear your suggestions, so please email me at In fact, email me about anything you would like to discuss regarding our work and mission.

Speaking of making things more engaging, we are excited to be working with “Today,” a marketing/ technology firm in Melbourne, Australia, to create a more engaging platform for The Life You Can Save. The platform will include options for you to receive cumulative data on the impact of your donations and the ability to build a community around your giving.  “Today” is donating their services to do this work because they are huge fans of our founder Peter Singer, who also lives in Melbourne, and of The Life You Can Save -- pretty cool! We are also collaborating with other groups—one at MIT Media Labs and one in Brazil— to create other exciting platforms to increase effective giving - so stay tuned…

Thanks for your loyalty.

Good Living and Good Giving,

Charity Voices

Imagine the first AIDs Free Generation. The team at Population Services International (PSI) is launching the first and only rapid HIV self-testing product approved by the World Health Organization. 
Possible is engaged in convincing one woman at a time to stop the practice of chaupadi, which evicts women once a month for four days to a cold, dank outhouse. 
A new water source will disrupt Djibouti’s source of iodine. Iodine Global Network (IGN) is working with partners to steer a course of action toward healthy iodine nutrition through iodized salt.
An estimated 28 million people are in need of treatment for schistosomiasis in Nigeria, but only 30% of these individuals are currently being reached. It is hoped that through partnerships and donations, SCI will succeed in supporting the national programme in scaling up treatment to reach all those affected.  

Highlights from Our Blog

by Joe Slater
Manchester United footballer Juan Mata made headlines by pledging to donate 1% of his income to charity, to much praise. But is giving 1% really that good, or is it something that most of us should be doing anyway? As praiseworthy as Mata’s decision to pledge 1% may be, we’d do well to view it in a broader context.
by Rickard Vikstrom
It’s gratifying to know so many people think of others and want to be part of creating change, but it’s unfortunate that many seem to believe that not spending money on ‘administration and fundraising’ (or ‘overheads’) is the most important factor to consider when selecting an organisation to support. 
by Esha Thaper
The Fred Hollows Foundation's Esha Thaper explores why Millenials are valuable current and future donors, and how to attract them to your cause. 

Team Picks

My Team pick is Traders4aCause that have selected The Life You Can Save as one of their beneficiaries and have asked me to deliver a keynote at their upcoming event. I am grateful for their support and expect the financial support will grow over the coming years.

--Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
In baseball (and evidence-based giving) there can be a tradeoff between metrics that are easy to understand and those that best capture what’s going on in a complex world, as demonstrated in this New York Times piece.

--Jon Behar, COO & Director of Philanthropy Education
Skillshare is an amazing initiative started by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and Malcolm Ong. It's really an online learning community for creators, with course categories like creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology, and many more subtopics. The courses aren't accredited, but there are so many helpful and inspiring teachings that it's well worth diving into. You can check it out here:

--Stacey Black, Director of Marketing
The Life You Can Save is a 501(c)(3) - an official non-profit registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations to The Life You Can Save are tax-deductible to individuals filing taxes in the U.S.
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