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March, 2017

Charlie's Short Takes

  • On behalf of our Team, I'm happy to announce our 2016 Annual Report.  We are also publishing our first ever Strategic Plan, which outlines not only our goals, but also provides insight into our strategy and tactics. This document further outlines our funding gaps and is a call to action for support to scale The Life You Can Save.

    Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Please be sure to read our Board Member Frances Kissling’s highly informative and appropriately challenging blog on our website, highlighted in this issue of our newsletter.  As Executive Director of TLYCS, I plan to consider what specific actions our organization can take to support Frances’s call to action. We need to lead, not follow, in the fight to promote women’s equality, which is so critical to overcoming extreme poverty.

    Also, in the Charity Voices pieces below, read about the wonderful work being done by our recommended nonprofits to improve life for women worldwide.

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Charity Voices

  • More than 70,000 women in Bangladesh suffer from a treatable condition that often leads to ostracization and poverty. The story of one Bangladeshi woman’s freedom from fistula shows the challenges of eradicating a health problem that can destroy lives.
  • PHC/Sanku is immediately accelerating their Refugee-feeding program. Based on the success that PHC/Sanku has demonstrated in the Kenyan Kakuma Refugee Camp – School Feeding Program, PHC/Sanku will immediately accelerate its refugee-feeding program by establishing an initiative within Sanku focusing exclusively on fortifying the meals of refugees and asylum seekers throughout the world.
  • “We feel so empowered!” exclaimed one of the women in Bed Mot savings group in Olwelai Village. Empowerment. It’s a buzzword. As with many buzzwords in the development industry its meaning tends to be ambiguous, flexible, and overused. And yet there I was, sitting in rural Uganda, being told by our business owners that they felt empowered. Empowerment may be a buzzword. It is also a concrete result of the Village Enterprise program. 
  • In rural Vietnam, 30% of families lack access to sanitation facilities that meet basic hygiene standards. The lack of access to sanitation disproportionately affects women and girls, who face numerous adverse health effects and safety risks as a result. To find out about the three ways that PSI Vietnam is partnering to build a sustainable sanitation market that will increase access to toilets for women and girls in rural areas, read more.

Highlights from Our Blog

Team Picks

  • I am so excited by the work that GiveDirectly is doing. This New York Times feature about it is my Team pick this month.

    --Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
  • Climbing the Ladder is a powerful short documentary highlighting the “graduation” approach to fighting poverty used by Village Enterprise and studied by Innovations for Poverty Action

    --Jon Behar, COO & Director of Philanthropy Education
  • This week I came across the World Giving Index review of the world's most generous countries. The results surprised me and challenged some of my own preconceptions. Most people donating money? Myanmar. Most people helping a stranger? Iraq. Most people volunteering? Turkmenistan.

    Now of course as effective altruists we know better than to just count the amount of dollars donated and instead look at the impact created, the most good we can do. However until we have global figures for impact, these country-based observations offer some food for thought.

    --Nick Hopkinson, Director of Development
  • There are one million people who suffer from cataract blindness in Mexico. This short video showcases the amazing work of Seva volunteer ophthalmologist and Board member Dr. Marty Spencer, who recently traveled to Instituto Mexicano de Oftalmología in Querétaro, Mexico to teach doctors from all over Mexico to perform sight-saving surgeries. 

    --Amy Schwimmer, Director of Operations
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