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June, 2017
  • Village Enterprise's Graduation Program client Florence with husband George and daughter Peace. Multiple studies show that this type of program leads to significant and lasting increases in household income. See story below. Photo courtesy of Village Enterprise.

Charlie's Short Takes

  • I frequently reflect on the international nature of our growth -- donors, partners, and staff. We are excited to welcome Stacey Black, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, as a core team member. Stacey will assist Llamil Silman (in Costa Rica) on the web and will manage various of our growing number of projects (she produced our recent 2016 Annual Report and our Strategic Plan). We also warmly welcome Renata Bergman, originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, as a volunteer (taking over from the talented Neela Saldanha who is joining the Center for Social and Behavioral Change at Ashoka University in India, founded in partnership with the Gates Foundation). Renata, who graduated from Harvard University Business school in 2016, will work in the areas of social media and digital marketing.

    Our most recent partnership additions include: Ribon, an app being developed in Brazil; Thick, a technology marketing agency in Melbourne, Australia; Storm & Leif, an online cosmetics retailer in Eastern Canada; and Balcony TV, a global production company.  We will soon be adding a retailer out of Dublin, Ireland, and a costume rental company out of New Jersey. It's humbling and inspiring to see a global community uniting to fight extreme poverty.

    This growth puts our geographic center in Paris -- Paris, Texas actually. What is still missing from our core staff and Board, however, are folks from the developing world where our recommended nonprofits operate, and who can offer a critically important perspective on our work and mission. We are painfully aware of this shortcoming and will be working to address it.

    We are excited about our growth, but we still have enormous unrealized potential to spread the message of effective giving and of the work of our recommended nonprofit organizations. I spend much of my time in partnership development and fundraising to speed that growth. If you choose to support The Life You Can Save, you can help foster our progress and leverage your donations as my wife Diana and I, as well as our other donors, have been fortunate enough to do. For every dollar The Life You Can Save spent in 2016, we raised about $9 for the poverty intervention organizations we promote. You can support us here.

    Thanks for continuing to be part of our community and for your assistance in supporting our recommended nonprofits here.

    Good giving and good living,

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  • Claire Knowlton, who is stepping down as Board President of The Life You Can Save, has been in this position my entire time as Executive Director. I want to publicly thank Claire for her invaluable service. She has helped introduce me to the world of nonprofit governance and has been instrumental in setting us on the proper path for compliance with the appropriate regulations. Given my lack of prior nonprofit experience, this has required patience and persistence! Claire is, among other characteristics, notable for her integrity, clear communication, dedication to people living in extreme poverty, living an ethical life and leading by example -- she is a vegan and contributes a significant portion of her income to effective nonprofits. I will miss Claire, as will the entire Team. We wish her luck and are grateful for the time she served. I know that our other Board members, Peter Singer (our new President) and Frances Kissling join me in expressing these thoughts.

    --Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
  • I love the Gapminder site in general but their Dollar Street section is like watching a reality show, except it's global. The team photographed homes & people in 50 countries and you can see what kinds of homes, toys, toilets and even teeth people have on an income of $27 in Burundi or $10,090 in Ukraine! (the teeth part really surprised me!)

    --Neela Saldanha, Social Media Manager

  • My team pick this month is New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s powerful speech explaining why the city is removing Confederate monuments.

    --Jon Behar, COO & Director of Philanthropy Education
  • When I first read about this I thought that it might have been an April Fool but no, it looks like this could really be happening. Bottled water is a huge industry and, despite our valiant efforts at recycling, generates an ocean (sadly, quite literally) of plastic --so could an edible 'bottle' be the answer? Maybe so. It sounds crazy, it looks crazy, but it's got to be worth a shot and is a timely reminder that sometimes we just need to be bolder!

    --Nick Hopkinson, Director of Development
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