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September, 2016

Charlie's Short Takes

  • This month we introduce Laura Schwecherl, our new Marketing Director (previously at Possible, one of our Recommended Charities). 

    We also want to remind readers of our special upcoming fundraiser in the Bay Area: a private concert by Paul Simon.

Charity Voices

  • AMF has signed an agreement with Togo's Ministry of Health to fund 2.4 million long-lasting insecticidal nets for distribution in Togo's upcoming universal coverage campaign. The nets will cover 4.3 million people--the entire population in 4 out of the 5 regions in Togo.

    Malaria is one of the primary health issues in Togo, with high incidence levels across the country. These nets have the potential to play a major part in reducing deaths and illness.
  • Do you know where the word “cretin” comes from?
    Have you ever wondered who discovered iodine?
    Do you know what links iodized salt to the “Debryshire neck” and Indira Gandhi?

    Find answers in a special BBC episode of ‘Elements’. To understand the importance of widespread iodized salt achievements in India and to find out who is still at risk of iodine deficiency, BBC's correspondent Justin Rowlatt met with IGN’s Dr. Chandrakant Pandav and visited a school in the Himalayan foothills and the Sambhar Salt Lake salt production plant in Rajasthan.
  • In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Living Goods' Founder Chuck Slaughter discussed his inspiration for starting the organization in 2006, and explains why effective community health workers can be the key to delivering quality care in communities that need it most. “Why shouldn’t all children have access to the same [health] care as mine?” he asks. 
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative's Open Evening is an annual event open to all. If you would like to find out more about the work we are doing across sub Saharan Africa and the Yemen and our future plans, please join us.

Highlights from Our Blog

Team Picks

  • I recently saw the movie "Captain Fantastic" and I am choosing it as my "Team Pick" this month because I thought it raised interesting questions about ideological purity and compromise with the dominant culture. I hope others will see the relevance to their work and beliefs...and will also be entertained.

    --Charlie Bresler, Executive Director
  • Watch a two year old's brilliant solution to "the trolley problem", a famous philosophical thought experiment.

    --Jon Behar, COO & Director of Philanthropy Education
  • Under Darren Walker, the Ford Foundation's president, the Foundation's monthly newsletter has been providing real insight into its strategy. At a time when many donors have pulled out of Latin America, the Foundation is increasing its grant making and opened a new office in Bogotá. Reducing poverty in Colombia is critical to ensuring that the new peace accord succeeds. More here.

    --Frances Kissling, Board Member
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