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June, 2016
  • Gurmeet Sapal /PSI Maverick Collective

Charlie's Short Takes

  • In May, I had the privilege of attending and being a panelist at the 2016 “Women Deliver” conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  This conference, attended by 3,500 attendees from 134 countries, focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in September, 2015, particularly goal #1 Ending Poverty and #5 Achieving Gender Equality. 

Our Improved Donation Process
Give to multiple charities; Give in someone's honor

  • We've launched a new donation platform via Network for Good, streamlining our check-out process and providing the option of donating to more than one of our recommended charities in one transaction.

    The new donation process also allows donors to give in honor or memory of someone.

    If you’re a Peter Singer fan, consider making a donation to one of his recommended charities in honor of his 70th birthday, coming up on July 6th.

Charity Voices

Highlights from Our Blog

  • by Eric Gastfriend
    Suppose I told you about an investment that would easily generate a 60-fold return in a few years with very little risk. And then I tell you that some of the world’s top economists agree with me.
  • by Thiago Tamosauskas , José Oliveira and Ronaldo Da Silva Alves Batista
    A dilemma arises in the minds of Brazilian effective altruists: Given the difference in exchange rates and the fact that Brazil is also a country with widespread poverty, is it still more effective to give overseas? 
  • by Elisabeth Meister
    I had a conversation with a friend about charitable giving. She said one of the reasons she was giving locally rather than globally was she felt more in control about where the money goes. But do you really have more control? And what does that mean for those in need?
  • by Charlie Bresler
    For those of us whose awareness and behavior are not so inherently or concertedly altruistic, I believe we can follow a program wherein we intentionally build up our consciousness and actions to alter our “normal” giving behavior so it more closely aligns with our goals and values around protecting lives; we can escape, or redefine, normal.

Team Picks

  • Every day 125 million people are affected by humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and extreme poverty. These men, women, and children are forced to make impossible choices. What would you do if you were in their place? Take the UN World Humanitarian Summit's interactive challenge to learn more.

    --Rhema Hokama, Director of Communications
  • In honor of Louis CK winning $50,000 for Fistula Foundation on Jeopardy!, here's a clip of my favorite bit of his (NSFW)

    --Jon Behar, COO & Director of Philanthropy Education
  • And now for something completely different. Seahorses may not have a connection to effective altruism, but they do seem to practice gender equality. 

    --Amy Schwimmer, Director of Operations
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