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May, 2016

In This Issue

  • Pictured is Possible patient Pangata holding her healthy new son, Bishal, in remote Nepal. Dramatic progress has been made in reducing maternal and newborn mortality in developing countries over the last 2 decades. The Life You Can Save recommends charities that are especially impactful at addressing this cause.

Charlie's Short Takes

  • What better way to honor your mother than by helping one struggling in extreme poverty.

Charity Voices

Highlights from Our Blog

  • by Gleb Tsipursky
    The revelations of the Panama Papers in early April show where the money that could pay for effective interventions resides - stashed away by wealthy tax evaders in offshore tax shelters. Redirecting even a small fraction of that money could end global poverty.
  • by Gleb Tsipursky and Peter Slattery
    Charities that have the biggest social impact often get significantly less financial support than rivals that tell better stories but have a smaller social impact. Drawing on academic research, here are four common mistakes to avoid, and potential solutions.
  • by Randy Fox
    A 68-year-old divorcé with grown children wants to avoid paying unnecessary taxes on required distributions from his retirement accounts, which is money that he does not currently need. Can charitable giving provide a solution to this predicament?
  • by Charlie Bresler
    The brain's inability to focus on multiple variables at once helps explain why we have trouble keeping the global poor in mind when our teenager is having a social crisis, or our spouse wants a kitchen remodel.

Team Picks

  • I've been reviewing the book The Humane Economy by Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, and it's encouraging to see progress being made against factory farming and other forms of suffering that we inflict on animals.

    Peter Singer
  • The head of the Mulago Foundation offers six ways to do more good with less effort in your giving.

    Jon Behar
    COO & Education Director
  • I have been watching the Norwegian TV series "Occupied" on Netflix. For all you folks that like to mix ethical dilemmas with entertainment, give it a try.

    Charlie Bresler
    Executive Director
  • Neither of my parents went to college, and during their adult lives had to learn a number of things to support our family, especially my mother. Although it was tough at times, now I think we were privileged, very different from the life of Rafea and her children in Jordan, documented in this video, and the thousands like her who struggle every day with such adverse conditions.

    Llamil Silman
    Chief Marketing Officer

This Month in Giving

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