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We know that Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can Save has influenced all types of donors to give generously and effectively since it was published in 2009. Some of these donors are multi-billionaires, while others have more modest incomes. The book has had such a profound impact on effective giving across the world that we’ve made it available for free, in multiple formats.

Download the book (it's free)
But we are always looking for other creative and impactful ways to share the book. Recently, the outdoor advertising company JCDecaux Australia generously donated this advertisement for The Life You Can Save, which can now be found across Sydney and Melbourne:
Photo credit: The Construction Site
We are so very grateful to JCDecaux for this wonderful opportunity to reach new audiences!

I think there are other ways we can get the book to potential donors, and I have been personally experimenting with some. One way is to place the book in outdoor community libraries like the one pictured below:

I have been doing this for a while in a variety of communities that I spend time in — Bellingham, Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia. And I always make sure to place a few in wealthier neighborhoods, just in case. :)

While I was in Vancouver recently (my first visit to Canada since the borders closed to Americans 18 months ago), I visited Ukama Gallery on Granville Island, a unique little art gallery which sells beautiful sculptures made by artists in Zimbabwe. When I met the gallery’s owner, Janine, I asked her what had inspired her to start her gallery. Janine told me that she had been inspired by living in and working with artistic communities in Zimbabwe. 

As we began to talk about the amazing work that The Life You Can Save’s recommended charities do in Zimbabwe and across Africa, Janine shared that while living in Zimbabwe she had started her own version of “direct cash transfers,” or small cash donations like those provided by GiveDirectly, for individuals in communities where she spent her time. And she saw her gallery as yet another opportunity to support these wonderful communities and share their amazing artwork.

I eventually asked Janine if she would be willing to take a few copies of The Life You Can Save and promote the book with her clientele — in my view, a perfect group to be exposed to Peter’s ideas. And she was delighted to do that.

Please note that Janine only took off her mask while this photo was taken.

I imagine there are literally thousands of outlets like the Ukama Gallery across North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia that would be ideal places to distribute The Life You Can Save. If you are interested in becoming a book distributing ambassador, please send us an email:

Become a book distributing ambassador

I have only mentioned two ways I have started personally spreading the books. But I believe there are many other ways that this could be done, and I invite you to use my strategies or come up with ones of your own. Here are some ideas:

  • Share the digital version of the book with your friends and family by using this tool on our website.
  • If you own or work for a company that can offer free advertising space, please get in touch 
  • Give staff and customers an impactful gift this year and send them a copy of the book. 
  • Follow in Wolverine’s footsteps: Hugh Jackman recently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on our book. Do the same to help your family and friends find our free book.
  • Help us get the book translated into more languages. We’re currently looking for book publishing companies to partner with non-English speaking countries. If you know of any opportunities, please get in touch

The more ways we get the word out, the more money we will raise for our nonprofits so that they can continue to save lives, reduce suffering, and empower individuals to escape extreme poverty.

Do Good. Feel Good.

Charlie Bresler

Co-founder of The Life You Can Save

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